The Dangers of Plastic Surgery


As more women board flights out of the country in an attempt to get low-cost plastic surgery procedures, including the super popular Brazilian Butt Lift a.k.a BBL, beauty mogul Supa Cent is showing the consequences of her botched back lift.

The Crayon Case CEO recently posted and deleted a testimonial recalling the cosmetic enhancements she had done in 2020 that she now has to have reconstructed. Supa recalled traveling to the Dominican Republic and receiving a back lift that left her with “flat” upper booty meat that developed into a “shelf,” Bossip reported.

“In 2020 I had a breast and back lift in DR,” Supa revealed in the since-deleted post. “The doctor lipo-ed my back so far down that it gave me a shelf at the top of my Butt.”

Supa admitted to hating it and being “insecure” about the results of her botched plastic surgery.

“I never had a bbl or anything done to my butt, but once your waist gets smaller. Your butt stick out more,” she explained.

Supa went on to encourage her followers who already have a curvy figure to avoid getting a BBL because it’s unnecessary.

“That’s why I always recommend? If you already have [apple emoji]. Don’t get a bbl,” she wrote.

“See how the results look after lipo or tummy tuck. Then decide after. Not only did I hate my shelf but that surgery left my butt looking boxy.”

Supa’s reconstruction doctor, Claudette Paz Gomez in Colombia, posted graphic photos showing the influencer’s back lift scar and “shelf” shape lying on the operating table.

“Thank you so much for your great service,” Supa wrote under the post. “I appreciate you! Will recommend you to anyone who has a shelf.”

The BBL has become the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world, The Guardian reported. It’s also one of the most dangerous—a mounting number of deaths have resul from the procedure.

In addition to fatalities, some women aren’t getting the results they hoped for and like Supa have to resort to going under the knife even more to fix the mistakes that were made.

As Supa mentioned, if you already have a curvy figure, a little fitness work and diet change can most likely produce the results some BBL seekers are looking for. For those who are young and have yet to let their bodies fully develop, it’s worth taking some time and doing your research before making such a life-changing decision.

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