The best tweakments for amazing results without surgery

The best tweakments for amazing results without surgery

Have you ever considered a tweakment, a.k.a. having a bit of ‘work’ done? We’re talking about small, minimally invasive refreshment procedures rather than surgical intervention. This beauty buzzword is a growing interest across the professional aesthetic industry and covers treatments including Botox, LED, laser, facial fillers, body tightening services, and more. 

Tweakments are often seen as a stepping stone between products and surgery—when even the best eye cream or cellulite creams aren’t hitting the spot for results, but eye lift surgery or liposuction aren’t things you are keen to explore. Think more than a facial, less than a scalpel and you’re on the right track. Compared to surgeries, tweakments like Ultherapy and baby Botox are relatively affordable, with no anesthetic or scars, and boast of minimal to no downtime.

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