The Best Physical Therapists in NYC 2022

The Best Physical Therapists in NYC 2022

Manjoorsa Physical Therapy, 84-11 Queens Blvd., Queens

Grad student Bryan Doniger was finishing up a climb at a gym in his neighborhood when he made “a dumb misstep” and landed on the side of his foot. Soon after, he started going two or three times a week to Manjoorsa Physical Therapy in Elmhurst, which was recommended by his podiatrist. There, the physical therapists led him through a regimen of electrical stimulation for muscle activation (using a machine that “kind of zaps you for a while,” as Doniger puts it, with a slight electric current), balancing drills, and strengthening exercises that brought his foot back to life. Within a few months, he was once again running and biking with no pain. The treatment was excellent, he says, but it was the atmosphere at the practice and the “singularly kind employees” that ensured he never missed an appointment. “The staff members would take turns bringing in baked goods” from around Elmhurst, he says, “and would encourage me and other patients to stick around to drink coffee and have a snack.”

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