The best non-surgery “tweakments” are taking off right now

The best non-surgery “tweakments” are taking off right now

You may have heard the slightly babyish portmanteau “tweakments” being thrown around lately. Effectively a catch-all term for nonsurgical treatments that involve minor invasiveness and maximum results, tweakments have never been more socially acceptable or, indeed, easy to come by. From dissolvable hyaluronic filler injections designed to pad out a weak jaw to lunchtime laser treatments that tackle chronic redness, there’s a whole host of tweakments out there aimed squarely at men that won’t leave you looking like the Bride Of Wildenstein. Here, to give you the lowdown on what’s available, what they entail and which region of the face they work best on, Dr Costas Papageorgiou medical director for NYDG at The Wellness Clinic at Harrods, and Dr Alexis Granite, consultant dermatologist at Cadogan Clinic, share their advice…

1. The jaw

“For a superhero jawline without surgery, I would recommend a combination of powerful ultrasound waves [from £5,000], to tighten the deep muscle layers, and laser-assisted lipolysis [from £1,000 a session], to permanently reduce submental fat [the cause of double chins]. This will also help with cheekbones,” says Papageorgiou. “Men don’t require direct cheek enhancing, as it would result in too much feminisation of the face. By structuring and strengthening the jawline [from £4,500], the cheekbone will appear more enhanced as the face will look less round or shapeless.”

2. The lips

“Platelet-rich plasma is a great rejuvenating treatment for the face and scalp, including the lips [from £700],” says Granite. “Your blood is drawn and the plasma, rich in collagen stimulators and growth factors, is separated out and injected back into your skin. This treatment can hydrate and plump lips naturally.”

3. The eyes

“For general improvement of the eye area, I recommend a combination of ultrasound and radio frequency waves [from £1,400] to tighten skin on the lower eyelid and improve light reflection,” says Papageorgiou. “This can lighten up the most expressive part of the face with no signs of intervention.”

Alternatively, Granite says, the skin around the eye can be improved with resurfacing lasers (from £450). “These lasers cause controlled ‘micro injury’ to the skin’s surface, stimulating its repair processes and boosting collagen production. Generally between one and three treatments are done to improve fine lines, wrinkles and texture.”

4. The skin

“For skin tone improvement,” says Papageorgiou, “I would recommend the NYDG Illumino facial [from £500]: a combination of light energy waves and laser waves, which can improve pigmentation, redness and sun damage, smoothing the pores and refining complexion with zero downtime.”

Or there are chemical peels [from £150]. “These incorporate glycolic, mandelic and salicylic acids to exfoliate skin and improve overall tone,” says Granite. “The best results come through a series of treatments every four to six weeks.”

5. The nose

“Nonsurgical rhinoplasty can be performed with the use of hyaluronic acid fillers [from £500],” explains Granite. “However, the nose is a high-risk area, therefore make sure to see a specialist with expertise in treating this area.”

“As well as reshaping directly with hyaluronic acid gel [from £1,000], which can easily be reversed and naturally dissolves over time,” says Papageorgiou, “the same technique can be used indirectly, elsewhere on the face. For example, treating shadowing – an effect of ageing that can make eyes look ‘hollow’ – helps the nose to blend better without drawing attention.”

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