The 8 Best Skincare Products to Use in Your 30s


I’ll never forget the first time I thought seriously about getting Botox. I was watching an episode of Vanderpump Rules when a cast member admitted that she’d been having the neuromodulator injected into her face since the age of 25 to prevent the eventual formation of fine lines and wrinkles. I was 27 at the time and had never once considered it. Since I didn’t have any significant concerns around skin aging yet, I just didn’t see the point. Even still, I couldn’t help but wonder if my lack of a Botox regimen would eventually result in a wrinkly little raisin staring back at me in the mirror. Not going to lie, I began to spiral a bit.

Well, a few minutes passed and so did my panic. I reminded myself that the show takes place in Los Angeles (where I live, as well), which might be the Botox capital of the world and where starting an injectable regimen in one’s early twenties is more common than starting a 401(k). And a quick look in the mirror left me with another important reminder: I was completely satisfied with the way my face looked. I’ve always been into skincare and have gone to great lengths to protect and preserve my skin, so the fact that I wasn’t yet noticing any severe crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, or frown lines wasn’t actually that surprising. On top of that, the faint lines I did already have didn’t really bother me. 

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