The 25 Best Neck-Firming Creams, According to Experts

The 25 Best Neck-Firming Creams, According to Experts

First things first: Skincare topicals—aka serums, creams, and the like—simply won’t be able to deliver the same caliber of results as an in-office treatment when it comes to tightening and firming the neck area. That said, there are (literally) thousands of skincare formulas on the market touting miraculous  Benjamin Button–esque perks for our necks, and after questioning a slew of skin specialists about the efficacy of said formulas, I discovered everyone from plastic surgeons and dermatologists to facialists and makeup artists agree these types of products can be an effective way to tone, lift, and tighten (to a certain degree, that is).

As Beverly Hills–based plastic surgeon Anita Patel, MD, FACS, explains to me, the best treatments to rejuvenate the neck in-office are Botox or Dysport injections (which can help prevent or minimize movement that creates wrinkles), filler (which smooths lines), absorbable threads (which stimulate collagen), laser or radiofrequency resurfacing treatments (which help smooth skin texture and erase lines), or radiofrequency treatments performed as a series (which tighten the skin). However, since these types of procedures are expensive, and since going into an office might not be an option right now, neck-firming creams can be a great alternative. 

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