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Texas is Becoming Famous For Its Award-Winning Cosmetic Surgeons

Texas is Becoming Famous For Its Award-Winning Cosmetic Surgeons


Some of the most popular cosmetic surgeriesin 2022 are liposuction and breast augmentation, two popular procedures that Texas surgeons have all but perfected. Many of America’s best cosmetic surgeons are located in the South, including Dr. William P. Adams Jr MD who sits at the top of Newsweek’s 2021 list with a 97.5% success rate.

As the shapely form of a cosmetically boosted posterior continues to avail no short supply of media appeal, celebrities from all over the world are flocking to Houston for its wide array of accomplished and experienced surgeons. Since its filtration into mainstream culture in the 1960’s, the industry of cosmetic surgery has moved away from its reputation of being dangerous, costly, and absurd, and into a socially acceptable rite of passage that everyday Americans can aspire to. From Iggy Azalea to the boy next door, getting rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and BBLs are becoming less taboo, and right now, Houston is the place to see these aesthetic procedures through.

Houston The Home Of Cosmetic Surgery

A significant percentage of the world’s cosmetic surgeries happen in the US, with a specific emphasis on breast enhancement, liposuction, and the all-too-popular Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). However, there is one place in particular that people run to when they want the job done well: Houston, Texas.

Houston has a long history with the fine art of cosmetic surgery. The first breast augmentation to ever be performed happened in this city, forever putting it on the map as a destination for safe, professional cosmetic surgeries to take place. In 1962, Dr. Thomas Biggs offered free breast augmentation surgery to any woman who was brave enough to try it, and mother of six Timmie-Jean Lindsey became the world’s first recipient of what is now one of the most internationally popular cosmetic procedures. Because Dr. Biggs was responsible for the methodology, technique, and medical innovation behind breast augmentation surgery, surgeons from all over the world moved there to continue his quest for affordable, low-risk aesthetic procedures for the public.

Needless to say, cosmetic procedures in Houston have drastically risen in number since the 60s; as the concept of cosmetic surgery continues to become safer and more socially acceptable, Americans can expect to see even more surgical activity in the city of Houston, TX.

Cosmetic Surgery’s Rise To Popularity

Over the past two years, the number of cosmetic surgeries in the US has spiked dramatically. Statista reports that during 2020, roughly 3.9 million non-surgical and 1.5 million surgical procedures were completed, marking a record number of aesthetic surgeries done in one year in the US. Part of what drives the market for cosmetic surgery is social media and pop culture.

Many of the most famous celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian and Britney Spears havenormalized getting surgery as a way to refine their physical appearance. However, the real reason behind America’s relatively new obsession with aesthetic surgery is how much safer it has become over the years.

When cosmetic surgery hit the mainstream US market in the Sixties, society was wary for good reason. The procedures themselves were young and those conducting them had minimal experience. But today’s crop of aesthetic doctors are the surgical equivalent of the A-Team.

Dr. Edward Reece from the Division of Adult Plastic Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas says that the laser technology and incision techniques have “improved dramatically” over the past few years, allowing for shorter surgeries and recovery times. Time has also allowed for a more developed understanding of aging and general anatomical decline, facilitating more accurate surgeries, and lowered overall risk.


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