#SURGERY: Dangerous Nonsurgical Nose Jobs Are Gaining In Popularity! #YIKES | 98.5 The Cat

#SURGERY: Dangerous Nonsurgical Nose Jobs Are Gaining In Popularity! #YIKES | 98.5 The Cat

Injectables and filler have become incredibly popular in the last few years and “liquid rhinoplasty” – aka the non-surgical nose job is now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.

The thing is, it’s also one of the most potentially dangerous procedures because it’s prone to complications.

It’s appealing because there’s less downtime and less commitment – results are temporary -and it costs less up front than going under the knife for a nose job. To set the facts straight, plastic surgeon Dr. Dean Vistnes explains what the non-surgical nose job is all about.

● A non-surgical nose job is totally different from surgical rhinoplasty – For “liquid rhinoplasty,” a dermal filler is injected to temporarily fill areas of the nose. Surgical rhinoplasty is going under the knife to have a nose job and the results are permanent.

● Social media has caused a surge in popularity – Like lots of other beauty trends, social media has sparked interest in the non-surgical nose job.

● Some people are better candidates than others – With cosmetic procedures, some folks are a better fit than others. Vistnes says anyone who’s had previous nose surgery should be “strongly advised” against filler injections, and since this can only add volume, it won’t work for someone looking to reduce the size or shape of their nose.

● If you’re not happy with the results, you can have it dissolved – If the finished product isn’t what you want, the procedure can be reversed or just let it gradually dissolve over time.

● Go to a well-trained, trusted professional – Don’t skimp on this because Vistnes explains, “The anatomy of the nose is incredibly complex and specific, so the procedure risks are high.” He advises using a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist for injections and filler in the nose.

● Long-term, it’ll cost more than a nose job – Surgical rhinoplasty is a big, one-time expense, about $5-thousand, on average in the U.S., but the nonsurgical version requires constant upkeep and getting fillers regularly will cost you about $25-hundred a year.

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