Stylage vs Belotero: Which One is Better?

Stylage vs Belotero: Which One is Better?

The modern facial rejuvenation industry has different products to offer. Women have a great variety of facial fillers that can restore facial contour, erase wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.

Such an approach grants a long-lasting effect – from 6 to even 18 months, depending on the manufacturer and the technology used to create the product. But how is it possible to choose one product from a variety of options?

For instance, Stylage and Belotero – both products have the same active component – hyaluronic acid, but what is the difference between these two products and which one is better? Let’s compare these two products.


This product is manufactured by a French company Vivacy. This manufacturer produces different products to treat wrinkles in different facial areas, for instance, forehead, cheeks, the area near the eyes (crow’s feet). Vivacy Stylage also corrects fine lines and can erase nasolabial folds, as well as it can restore facial contour. If the idea is to restore the volume, then Stylage products are preferable.

The manufacturer is using innovative technology to produce this product. Hyaluronic acid is, of course, the basic and most important component. Two different structures of Hyaluronic acid are used making the product more long-lasting and less painful while injecting the patient. These two structures (IPN and A + B monophasic) are independent of each other.

The manufacturer states that Stylage products can last from six and up to twelve months. It’s one of the most long-lasting beauty products but the durability of this effect can be affected by such factors as lifestyle, age, even by the metabolism of an individual. It doesn’t require an allergy test, the doctor can complete the procedure in his office. The product is safe and it shows great results, it can almost immediately fill hollow cheeks, and can even add volume to the patient’s cheekbones.


Belotero is another product based on Hyaluronic acid with similar effects. After the injection, the gel is integrating with facial tissue and provides a long-lasting rejuvenation effect. While the effect is working, patients have a much smoother skin since the Hyaluronic acid plumps it up. It has a temporary effect since the human body absorbs Hyaluronic acid after a while.

In 2011 Belotero had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration which is the sign that the product is safe and won’t damage patients’ health. Belotero has different product lines dedicated to treating facial wrinkles. For instance, Belotero Soft is used to treat fine lines, while Belotero Volume has a much stronger effect and is great at restoring the volume of a patient’s cheeks, lips, and even nose.

Belotero products are often used to correct bags under the eyes, erase forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial lines. Some products are dedicated to fill up scars after acne, contour the jawline, restore cheek volume, etc. The effect can last from six and up to eighteen months depending on the corrected area and other factors such as the patient’s age, lifestyle, etc. Here you can check prices on Belotero fillers.

So which product is better?

Both products are good, they have a temporary but long-lasting effect. Both products are safe and patients don’t even have to complete an allergy test. Although in the case of Belotero, it is advised to avoid this product if the patient is allergy-prone.  Most patients experience an effect in less than twelve hours after the procedure. So, both products are good and effective.

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