Steps to choose the right plastic surgeon


When you’re going to plastic surgery you don’t want to leave the smallest detail to chance Knowing that your life and your appearance are depending on somebody else’s acts it’s not the easiest thing to do. You want to know who is the doctor that will treat you and how competent it is. Normally, you want to check your surgeon before the medical procedure. Here are pieces of advice that can help you to find the perfect surgeon for treatment.

Check with your family or friends how their surgery went

In case you don’t have a problem talking about your future plastic surgery and you know somebody who had the same esthetic surgery as you, feel free to ask about their experience. Of course, that’s a good idea only if you’re feeling comfortable talking about it. Ask that person would he or she recommend their surgeon. Also, check were they pleased with the outcome of their surgery or not.

Your friend can tell you his honest opinion, without the fluff. He (or she) can tell you did he feel prepared and did he receive all answers to his (or her) questions before the surgery. Also, don’t forget to ask what was their impression about the facility where the surgery was performed. Choose the best for you. Some clinics like the Aestheticon Clinic provide comprehensive procedures at the highest levels. Only a few clinics in the world can offer specific procedures that plastic surgeons perform here.

Do a check-up on your plastic surgeon

When you decide who is going to treat you, you would probably want to know more about this surgeon. Do your investigation before surgery and do it patiently. Every patient has the right to know if their surgeon is properly trained and experienced in cosmetic surgery.

Also, make sure that you’re choosing a surgeon who has substantial experience in the procedure you are considering. Some surgeons are skilled to work in just one field. For example, the surgeon can be a specialist in just breast surgeries. That’s because this body part in particular has a wide range of procedures.

Arrange a meeting with your surgeon

Once you have a list of potential plastic surgeons you can arrange a meeting with a couple of them and discuss your surgery. It would be best for you to prepare a list of questions to ask a doctor. You can also bring a photo that can help you to better explain to a surgeon what you want. Don’t let the doctor rush the consultation.

The surgeon should explain to you how the procedure will go and what you need to do to get fully recovered. Check with your surgeon how much time is needed to have the results that you wanted. After some procedures bruising and swelling will last for days, but don’t worry that’s a normal part of the healing process. 

Good advice is to arrange a meeting with at least two surgeons. It’s a good idea to look for a second opinion, especially if you’re not feeling confident in the first surgeon you talked with already.

Find a support group

In case you’re about to have common plastic surgery, you can probably find a support group nearby. Support groups can be a great source of procedural information and also a place to find straight answers to your questions. Some of the groups are discreet and available in the online form. In case you’re going to do a nose reshaping operation it will not be hard to find people which had the same medical procedure.

Of course, don’t take for granted everything people say in support groups. Sometimes people have bad experiences with surgeries because they didn’t make clear what they are expecting from the surgery. For some changes on the body, it’s necessary to have more than one procedure taken.

Search medical literature

If you decided that you want to go to the surgery you’re probably feeling scared and anxious. That’s completely normal. However, if you know more about your procedure you’ll feel safer and more confident in the process.

To have a better understanding of what to expect, you can check medical literature. That will help you to understand what doctors need to do. If you have a doctor in your family or your enclosure, ask him for a book recommendation, probably he’ll have something for you.

If books are not available to you check online libraries of medicine like PubMed or Cochrane. There you can find systematic reviews and research papers that compile results from multiple studies — about how well the procedure works for your medical problem or request.


When you plan to get plastic surgery, it’s completely normal to be concerned. Every medical procedure can be quite intimidating. So, it’s understandable if you’re seeking the best care for yourself. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Following these steps, you can find out how to get the best plastic surgeon. It’s your body in question and you have all the rights to make questions.

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