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State-of-the-art Skin Cancer Treatment In Bay

State-of-the-art Skin Cancer Treatment In Bay


big step: Moving the family from the United Kingdom and
setting up a new state-of-the-art dermatological practice in
just one year has been no easy feat for specialist
dermatologist and reconstructive surgeon Dr Juber Hafiji. On
Wednesday, he thanked those who had supported him as he
developed his dream into

The launch of a new
dermatology practice offering the ‘gold standard’ in
skin cancer treatment was celebrated with nibbles and
mocktails on Wednesday [February 24].

dermatologist and reconstructive surgeon Dr Juber Hafiji
wanted to thank those who had encouraged him to set up the
practice and supported him over the many months it took to
set up the clinic; from importing the state-of-the-art
medical equipment and finding the right highly-trained and
empathetic team members, to preparing day operating theatres
and the specialised laboratory.

Medical professionals,
patients, business people and team members gathered at the
new practice within Napier Health Centre, and were
personally thanked by Dr Hafiji and his wife Shahin

He told the assembled crowd that he and
Shahin, who had moved from the United Kingdom almost exactly
a year ago, “truly appreciate the new family that has
gathered around to support us on this journey”.

practice represents a major investment in dermatological
services in Hawke’s Bay, including an on-site laboratory
that allows same-day analysis of skin cancer results, and
day-theatre rooms.

Those components allow Mohs
Micrographic Surgery to be used to treat suitable skin
cancers. Until now, this option has not been available in
Hawke’s Bay.

“It means we are able, with certain
types of skin cancer, to remove the visible part of the
cancer a thin layer at a time, taking just a very small
margin of healthy skin with it,” says Dr

“We immediately check the outer margins of
the removed skin in our laboratory to confirm that we have
removed all of the cancer. We continue to carry out that
process until all of the cancer is removed.”

very precise surgical technique has several advantages.
“The first is that we don’t remove any more skin than we
absolutely have to, keeping the wound as small and as
shallow as possible. That gives a much better

result. A second advantage is that our patient’s surgery
and analysis are completed on one day, which means they
don’t have to wait a week for results and potentially
having to come back for further surgery.”

The launch
of Dermatology Hawke’s Bay, which treats all manner of
skin, hair and nail conditions, coincided with the unveiling
of its new website, designed to reflect the ethos of the
practice and its team.

“My goal, and that of all of
our team members, is very simple – to treat our patients
as I would like myself or my family to be treated,” says

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