State files 2 complaints vs. Miami FL Xiluet Plastic Surgery


Xiluet Plastic Surgery, 8396 SW Eighth St., got hit with two administrative complaints from the Florida Department of Health on Dec. 10.

Xiluet Plastic Surgery, 8396 SW Eighth St., got hit with two administrative complaints from the Florida Department of Health on Dec. 10.

A West Miami-Dade plastic surgery center with a Brazilian butt lift death in its past allowed unlicensed physicians to perform surgeries in 2020 and didn’t let state inspectors into the facility in 2021, the state said.

Previous Miami Herald stories documented Gia Romualdo-Rodriguez’s 2019 death after a BBL surgery by Dr. Stephanie Stover at Xiluet Plastic Surgery. The alleged 2020 violations and inspector-blocking in 2021 are in administrative complaints filed Dec. 10 by the Florida Department of Health.

Administrative complaints start a discipline process that can end with anything from a dismissal to a fine to a loss of license. Xiluet has been licensed as an office surgery center since August 2017, two months after president Monica Vazquez registered the corporation with the state of Florida.

On Xiluet Plastic Surgery’s online profile, its license for office surgery still reads “clear.”

The Miami Herald called both Xiluet and its attorney for comment Tuesday. Neither has given an on-the-record answer.

What happened when state inspectors came this summer?

On July 27, 2021, Department of Health inspectors showed up at Xiluet, 8396 SW Eighth St.

“Staff at [Xiluet’s] facility refused to allow the Department entry into the facility to conduct an inspection,” DOH said — putting Xiluet in violation of annual inspection requirements and in jeopardy of license suspension or revocation.

What the state says was wrong with Xiluet in 2020

The incident this summer came after, according to one of the complaints, Xiluet was found to be in violation of numerous codes during a Sept. 24, 2020 inspection:

“failing to have only licensed physicians perform surgical procedures at the office:”

“failing to maintain current office equipment performance standards;”

didn’t examine a patient right before a surgery to check the risk of anesthesia and of the surgery;

didn’t “maintain surgical logs which contain confidential patient identifier, time of arrival in the operating suite, documentation of completion of the medical clearance” by the anesthesiologist or the operating physician, the surgeon’s name, diagnosis and CPT codes.

didn’t “maintain quarterly review of the risk management program by the surgeon;”

didn’t “maintain an updated policy and procedure manual:”

didn’t use “surgeons who have transfer agreements or hospital staff privileges for a licensed hospital within reasonable proximity;”

didn’t “maintain compliance with physician training requirements;”

didn’t “maintain a full and current crash cart;”

didn’t have “an actively licensed anesthesia provider;”

These were among the “deficiencies” that the department gave Xiluet 30 days to correct. And the state says Xiluet submitted a “corrective action plan” for dealing with its problems.

But the state also claims at the end of the same complaint that Xiluet still didn’t “maintain current office equipment (to) performance standards” or “maintain a quarterly review of the risk management program by the surgeon.”

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