Smart Multi Facial Treatment Platform – Aquapure Cluederm


AQUAPURE is 4 facials systems in one … Peel, Deep Pore Cleanse, Electro Current (to enhance product delivery), Micro Current (for tightening and lifting) then Heating and Cooling to accelerate the rejuvenation and healing process for a rapid recovery.

This table top device is portable and easy to use, providing quick and effective treatments, ideal for busy salons, spas and beauty clinics. The Cluederm range of products are powerful and affordable ideal for the beauty market, who maybe short on space and require competitively priced systems that deliver real results.

AQUAPURE Boosts collagen and elastin to promote healthy skin. Peels away impurities and dead skin. Excellent for acne prone skin.

Cluederm’s AQUAPURE uses optimised user-focused technology to address a multitude of skin concerns, include acne, blemishes and enlarged pores. It offers high end facial care and comes with patented and proven formulas.

Uniform Spray Control Technology
The AQUAPEEL spray control delivers equal distribution of applied solutions at a range of 10 levels. Addressing this concern within a developing microdermabrasion technology maximizes treatment efficiency and results.

User – Focused Smart Auto Reaction –
The Smart Auto-Reaction Interface detects and enables automatic recognition to all activated hand-pieces.

Subtle & Stable Electroporation Process –
The precision of the ELECTROPORATION hand-piece transfers controlled stimulation to skin without signs of irritation.

Cosmetic Solutions –
A combination of natural extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, and a complex of Peptides complement the patented technology, to provide the highest grade of laboriously selected and nutritious ingredients to consumers.

The first step of treatment is the process of non-irritating skin scaling which facilitates accelerated exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells and other impurities

The second step of treatment is for sebum dissolution, treatment of blackheads, and effective pore control. This assists the skin to balance between oily and moisture textures.

The final step of treatment promotes skin elasticity by inducing collagen and elastin regeneration and improving the inhibition of moisture loss by improving water retention.


To provide a convenient cleaning agent specifically made for the needs of the system, CLEANSYS assists in easy maintenance procedures for the AQUAPURE.

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