Skincare tips for hot weather


Tips to care for your skin during hot and humid weather

Tips to care for your skin during hot and humid weather&nbsp

Summers are around the corner and it’s almost time for prepping your skin as per the upcoming weather. While the sun can be fun, the humidity can wreak havoc on our skin, and even cause the dreaded acne, blemishes, and tans.

While we all blame humid weather for our oily and sticky skin, it’s actually the sweat that evaporates slowly (or not at all), clogging our pores with impurities, and leaving our skin to deal with the unhealthy and dull look.

Check out some easy and handy tips you can use to take care of your skin in the upcoming hot and humid weather.

Washing your face frequently

The most basic yet important way to keep your skin clean is to hydrate it. If you are someone who stays in the sun for too long or sweats more than usual, it is recommended to use a mild face wash thrice a day that will help clean out the impurity and dust that sticks to sweaty skin.

Keep wet wipes handy

God bless the inventor of wet wipes; these handy tissues are easy to carry and can also help you keep your skin feeling fresh. While it’s only a makeshift hack, wiping off the excess sweat and giving your face a wet feel periodically does help when you have no other way out.

3-step facial

While you may also consider hitting the salon once a month, depending on your skin type, the 3-step facial can easily be done at home. The process consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturising. While cleansing is done using a good face wash followed by a deep face massage with an exfoliator, toning is basically using a face pack that will bring back the glow and restores your original texture by de-tanning. The last step is to seal it up with a light moisturising cream that will nourish the skin further.

Use a sunscreen

It’s time to say hello to your sunscreen. Use the one with the right SPF, depending on your duration in the sun. You must also reapply it since it’s only effective up to 2 hours. 

Can’t stress this enough- Stay hydrated

While all these tips will help you show a physically visible difference, nothing can beat a cleaner and brighter skin than the one which is hydrated well from the inside too. Apart from drinking water, juices, and other (non-sweetener, aerated) healthy drinks, you can also eat juicing fruits such as watermelon and cucumbers and other water-rich edibles.  

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