Skin care startup Operators Skincare develops extreme condition sunscreen for military, outdoor sports


Launched in 2020 after two years of development, Operators Skincare offered an SPF30 and SPF50 sunscreen and an after-sun lotion – each designed in collaboration with “professional and hardcore outdoor enthusiasts”​ to ensure suitability in extreme conditions. Currently available online and across digital pharmacies and specialist skin care sites, the brand hoped to finalise listings in outdoor retail stores in Denmark once the COVID-19 crisis had eased.

A Special Forces ‘heritage’ – durable sunscreens for military services

The brainchild of former Danish Special Forces operator Johan de Renouard, Operators Skincare sunscreens had been formulated to withstand wind, water and extreme weather conditions, with a non-stick matte finish to avoid dust and sand settling on the skin. Importantly, the formulations had been designed to maintain efficacy over long periods of time.

“Our heritage comes from our service in the Royal Danish Special Operations Forces. The design thinking approach is a vital part of our brand DNA and our strategy for business development,” ​de Renouard, founder of Operators Skincare, told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.

“We took on the challenge of creating a functional sunscreen that would take care of all the problems experienced under the desert and the arctic sun and allow soldiers to carry out their duty and perform at their best,”​ he said.

Testing in the Middle East and Greenland among military service men and women, he said, had proven sunscreen efficacy and durability, catering to specific needs like non-stick, fragrance-free and fast-absorption and providing packaging with easy grip.

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