Signs of relief: What to buy for International Women’s Day


 Post-Purim and not yet Passover, while life slowly starts to make its way back to a kind of normalcy, it is time to look for better solutions for our best friend, choose the one-and-only pink for you, find exciting solutions to cut down time spent in the kitchen and remember to enjoy International Women’s Day this coming Monday.

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Women’s Day

EcoLove launched a special box for International Women’s Day (March 8), with a host of organic products that include cleansing gel with cucumber, aloe vera and chamomile, soap and hand cream made with organic berries and grapes and even an organic toothbrush and intimate protection. The package was designed especially for Women’s Day – and is sold at only NIS 116/119 instead of NIS 146. If you order Monday the delivery is free. To order go to

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Hair fortifier

The new line from Kerastas is something I have been waiting for. The new Genesis Dry Weakened Hair Care line is designed for normal-to-dry weakened hair that is prone to falling due to breakage from brushing. It seems losing one’s hair is not a problem only for older people – but a concern that is very high on the millennials’ list. The products in the line provide cleansing, treatment and protection, designed to provide moisture and leave dry hair more smooth and conditioned. The result is healthier hair through boosted nourishment and protection and less hair loss due to breakage from brushing. The line includes Bain Nutri-Fortifiant Shampoo (NIS 129), conditioner (NIS 155), Intensive mask (NIS 299), and Defense Thermic lotion, which helps protect hair from heat (NIS 129). Two other products in the line are 1) the star product, a strengthening serum (NIS 129) and 2) ampules for strengthening the scalp (NIS 179). Available only in Kerastas-licensed hair salons. For more information go to
(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)Pretty in pink

Gentle pinks are always a good choice when it comes to lip color for day-to-day running around, and Ga-De has just added new pink-nude shades of lipsticks and pencils that actually look beautiful on every skin-tone. The shades, which we let two women try, were very complimentary and fun. All the shades in the Everlasting Lip Color are long-wear (up to eight hours) and provide a deep color with a gloss finish. NIS 69.90 for the lipstick and NIS 39.90 for a matching lip pencil. Available in pharmacies and beauty stores, and online.(Photo credit: Uri Geron)(Photo credit: Uri Geron)

No more spots

Local beauty firm Alona Sherchter has just introduced a new anti-pigmentation cream. Based on innovative combinations of herbs, Dead Sea minerals and high percentage of active ingredients, they have just launched a new and improved formula of their famous lightening cream, which balances the melanin in the skin and reduces pigmentation and aging. The company’s recommendation is to use it together with peeling. NIS 250.
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Open a salon at home

Yulia Gal took over Tel Aviv with her ever-expanding chain of manicure-pedicure salons. A new immigrant to Israel, she built her brand herself, turning her salons into fashionable beauty centers. Now she is launching her own line of proven cosmetics, offering products she believes in and uses – such as antiseptic soap, medical hand and foot creams, anti-fungal drops and more – for home and professional use. All the products are available online from her salons and at Guilty beauty shop.(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

Purple soft

Following the successful launch of their Elvive purple shampoo for gray hair and blondes, L’oreal now launched a purple conditioner, excellent if you dye your hair blonde. The hair is softer and easier to style and the blonde more radiant than ever. NIS 21.90(Photo credit: Courtesy)(Photo credit: Courtesy)

Wake up call

Lierac Paris is a premium French cosmetic brand that I admit I never tried before. The brand, which landed recently in Israel, has a few innovative products that are really different. Their anti-aging series, for instance not only feels different but actually seems to work. After using their new line of anti-aging serum and hydration cream for two weeks, I actually could see a difference. The products are the result of research at the Lierac laboratories in Paris and they help reduce signs of fatigue, boost the skin and give it a fresher look. Based on mesothrapy, the ingredients include five different vitamins, six minerals and three hyaluronic acids. And it works. I have also been using their Cica-Filler serum ampoules every morning. It took me time to find how to extract the serum but the fact the it comes in ampoules – each with markings so you know how much to use in every application – is fun. NIS 235 for the serum and NIS 219 for the reviving cream.

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For runners

Whether you participate in marathons or not – the new Be Kind protein snacks are simply good, also promising to provide 12 grams of protein to keep your muscles working properly. There are two flavors: one with peanuts and peanut butter, while the other is based on peanuts and almonds with caramel toppings. Keep with you in case you feel like running (or snacking) in the middle of the day.(Photo credit: Oren Shiloh)(Photo credit: Oren Shiloh)

Full wrap

Made by Israeli firm Lord Sandwich, the new gluten-free tortilla, made from sprouted orange lentils, is not only healthier but actually tastier than most tortillas. Made with whole protein, they are supple, flexible and easy to use, they retain the filling, dry or moist, with no spills, and provide, according to the company, a good source of protein, containing all necessary amino acids. Keep them frozen until use. My vegan gluten-free guest loved them. Another use for them could be as a base for a gluten-free pizza. NIS 19.90 for four large tortillas. Available in AMPM stores, Teva Castel and Nitzat Haduvdevan, Bereshit and more.(Photo credit: Assaf Levy)(Photo credit: Assaf Levy)

Bring on the heat

Masterchef has just launched new ready-made curry sauces that are actually good, although a little too spicy for me. Always on the look for shortcuts, when it comes to the daily chore of preparing dinner, I decided these sauces will be perfect for a quick tofu and vegetables curry that I made in virtually 15 minutes. We tried the green curry – a sauce very popular in Thailand that anybody who misses the white beaches is longing for. I used half a jar and then added more coconut cream to dilute the heat. It was perfect. The sauces already have coconut cream in them but we found it was a good way to reduce the spiciness. Excellent! NIS 14.90 kosher.

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(Photo credit: Snir Guetta)(Photo credit: Snir Guetta) 

Good protein for sweet dogs

Let’s start at the end – our dog loved the new food from Zemach Israpet. Kennel Hyper Sensitive is a super-premium food for dogs that may be sensitive to protein from live origin. The new protein-rich food is based on hypo-allergenic protein that is easy to digest. There are many different kinds for different sized and aged dogs; we tried a few and all the dogs simply loved it. So not only this is a great food for our besties, it is made in Israel and is friendly to the environment. NIS 100 for a three-kilo bag, NIS 200 for seven kilos. Kennel Select and Kennel Sensitive are available in pet shops. For more information go to

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