Showing signs of ageing? Why non-surgical facelifts are the way to go

Showing signs of ageing? Why non-surgical facelifts are the way to go

If the mention of facelifts or any other sort of cosmetic procedure still conjures up images of extensive surgery and being out of action for weeks, it might be time for a mindset refresh.

In this age of “lunchtime treatments” (where patients get a filler or Botox injection done before a 2pm meeting), minor cosmetic procedures – or “tweakments” as they are called – are options for those who want to look like a rejuvenated (and not an entirely different) version of themselves.

While the results of these procedures are subtle, they are also usually less invasive with fewer side effects. So it is no surprise that this general shift toward the quick and fuss-free in beauty aesthetics has also been observed in the realm of facelifts.

But given the sheer number of options available, where do you even begin?

First, understand your expectations

Dr Lee Mun Heng, 43, medical director and aesthetic doctor at Cambridge Medical Group, says that these days, patients are often “very well-informed within the realm of beauty-related procedures and have a pretty good idea of their acceptable risk-reward ratio”, adding that most of his patients prefer “safer treatments” as opposed to the more risky and invasive procedures.

For instance, the traditional facelift, once a major cosmetic procedure that involved incisions, the pulling back of the skin and extensive recuperation, has since spawned various non-surgical reiterations with little to no downtime required.

What is important first and foremost, according to Dr Lee, is that patients understand their conditions and expectations so that they can make the right decisions for themselves.

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