SHOCKING! Woman left with droopy eyelid after botox treatment goes horribly wrong


In a shocking incident, a lifestyle blogger and TikTok star Whitney Buha was left with a droopy eyelid after a botched  botox treatment.

Whitney, who hails from Chicago, had regularly been having Botox injected around her eyes for the past three years.

But things took a bad turn few weeks ago when she went to a clinic to take the botox injection. According to Whitney, her aesthetician committed a mistake which caused her left eyelid to droop.

Whitney posted several videos on TikTok to explain how the aesthetician wanted to balance out her eyebrows by injecting Botox underneath the left brow in order to lift it.

Whitney said: “Wherever she injected the Botox, it went into the wrong spot and cause my eyelid to droop like crazy like how it looks now. Unlike filler, you can’t dissolve Botox which means Whitney has it wait for it to go away on its own and hope it doesn’t have long-lasting effects. I have also been told that there are prescription eye drops I can try so I’ll literally go run to the store to get them. Otherwise, this could be weeks or months for it to go back to normal.”

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