She Tried It!: Beurre’s Shea Butter Skin Care’s Body And Face Creams


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Finding the best moisturizer isn’t as easy as it seems. One must consider the climate they live in, their skin type and ingredients when surfing the shelves for the best product to keep their skin intact. I am stationed in New York City and during the winter, I prefer a thick moisturizer to protect my skin against the frigid cold. So when I got to try shea butter moisturizers from Beurre, a Black-owned business, I was excited to see if it would meet my needs.

What Is It?

Beurre, which translates to butter in French, combines the simple ingredients of fresh herbal infusions, unrefined shea butter and natural oils to bring a luxurious line of shea body butters and balms. Their minis are perfect for throwing in your bag and using when on-the-go for instant moisture. Their products are all handcrafted, cold-pressed, plant-based and vegan.

What’s Inside?

Beurre’s moisturizers include body, face and belly creams that all created with unrefined shea butter. With shea butter being the base of the product, Beurre’s creams help to prevent dry skin, reduce wrinkles,  protects the skin from wind and sun damage and reduce blemishes and stretch marks. Their products are also infused with herbs like calendula, chamomile, comfrey, dandelion, elderflower, rose geranium and lemon verbena. The oils that also serve as essential ingredients are grapeseed, jojoba, calendula, Argan and rosehip seed oils.

Final Thoughts

Beurre had me feeling like a shea butter baby. It has a light feel to it and the consistency is creamy and rich. When I first applied it, it felt heavy but it melted into my skin. After a while the greasy look that it left behind went away and I could tell that my hands had soaked up the cream. Once I put it on, its texture and smell confirmed that they were being truthful about choosing natural over processed. If you have used raw shea butter, you know that it has a grainy texture that can be difficult to apply unless melted. I could tell that the shea butter wasn’t manipulated too much and simply combined with the herbs and oils to create the smooth consistency.  My favorite was the Lavender shea butter body cream due to its pleasant yet subtle scent. The face cream is also a hit. The acne medication I use makes my skin feel dry so it needs a pick-me-up after I apply it. When I used the Ultra Rich Shea Butter Face Cream, my skin felt hydrated and it also looked more vibrant.

Beurre’s products are also easy on the pockets with prices ranging from $12 to $35.

Check out their products here.

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