Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Recent Plastic Surgery

Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Recent Plastic Surgery

Sharon Osbourne is one TV personality who’s never afraid to be blunt. Her brutal honesty and quick wit have made her an icon on TV, where she is always in the thick of some interpersonal drama.

Despite this, it is always easy for her to be the center of her biting humor, especially when regaling her post-surgery experiences.

Over two decades, The “X-Factor” judge has spent a fortune tucking, boosting, and nipping various parts of her body. Osbourne has gone under the knife for a mastectomy, a boob job, a tummy tuck, a breast reconstruction surgery, and an abdominoplasty.

Sharon Osbourne At The 'A Million Little Pieces' Premiere

She’s also treated herself to an eyelift surgery, a designer vagina, a butt lift, a full-body lift, a thigh lift, and liposuction to get rid of the fat.

She has admitted to several years of Botox injections and various nameless injectables to supplement the surgery to retain her youthful glow.

Lately, Osbourne opened up about her recent plastic surgery, adding that she was not in the least pleased about the results. 

Read on for more details about her experience.

‘I Looked Horrendous’

While speaking to The Sunday Times in a recent interview, she revealed to the publication that she had a facelift in the fall of last year.

“I had a full facelift done in October, and I looked like one of those f–king mummies that they wrap [with bandages]. It hurt like hell. You have no idea.”

The former co-host of “The Talk” revealed that the procedure took about five and half hours, and the results were not exactly as she hoped.

Sharon Osbourne at Primetime Emmy Awards

 “I am telling you, it was horrendous. [To the surgeon] I am, like, ‘You have got to be f–king joking.’ One eye was different to the other. I looked like a f–king Cyclops. I am, like, ‘All I need is a hunchback.’”

Her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, also expressed the same sentiments about the surgery results.

“He said, ‘I do not care how much it costs, we will get it redone,’” Sharon Osbourne explained to The Times.

Fortunately, the TV personality is growing into her new look, and she admits that it is better than when she initially did it. 

She Has Previously Opened Up About Her Other Post-Surgery Experiences

While Osbourne has always been a vocal advocate for plastic surgery, she has also been honest about the complications. 

During an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson” show in 2019, she disclosed an unexpected complication she suffered from a facelift. This complication left her looking “like Elvis,” where her mouth mimicked his snarl at the time.

“I had this thing where they lifted up my mouth and then for the first week, I couldn’t feel my mouth. I can hardly feel my mouth now, to be honest with you,” she said. “I couldn’t find my mouth. It was numb and it was up on one side.”

She continued, “All the kids and Ozzy are going, ‘Why are you snarling at me?’ And I am like, ‘I’m not snarling; I’m not doing anything!’”

She also mentioned on “The Graham Norton” show in 2013 that her vagina surgery caused her the most excruciating pain.

She Has Always Been Vocal About Plastic Surgery

In 2020, the mother of three spoke up about plastic surgery, insisting that there was nothing wrong with tweaking your appearance if one could afford it.

“People ask me about plastic surgery, and you know what? If you’re not happy with the way you look and you have the money, change it! What is the big deal?” She said, per the Watch Magazine.

She concluded by saying that as long as one didn’t suck on something to make one’s lip big, she saw nothing wrong with it.

She Would Launched Her Own Talk Show ‘The Talk Uk’

Osbourne revealed her new plans for the year. She recently disclosed, with excitement, her plans to launch a primetime evening show which would be in tandem with her friend’s show “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

The show airs on TalkTV, a new television channel built for the pair to reach a worldwide audience.

For an hour every week, she’d host a panel full of opinionated faces as they talked about matters of the day.

Topics would range from politics to health to crime to entertainment. Her show will also thrill the audience with “honest, straight-talking debate” and “outspoken views.”

She has also expressed her joy at working side by side with her friend Morgan on their respective talk shows.

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