SH Cosmetics Group launches new Korean “Weapon” against anti-aging war, a collection of luxury cosmetics during Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week


The N-BTX Serum with the peptide components helps reduce wrinkles, smooth, and most importantly, tighten the skin. It also helps to remove fine lines and deep wrinkles caused by dry and aging skin creates a bright skin tone with a lightening effect from inside of the skin. The N-BTX Treatment Kit helps to even skin tone, reduce the appearance of age signs while preventing the presence of new wrinkles, and improves skin elasticity. A natural alternative to plastic surgical beauty procedures. It even takes care of the aging effect caused by UV rays, as well as creates a bright skin tone. The N-BTX P+ Peeling Mask contains many nutrients from plants and includes all the benefits of carboxytherapy which are enhanced by auxiliary components. It is powerful enough to remove dead skin cells, bacteria, and environmental pollutants, and minimizes the appearance of the wrinkles, restores skin hydro balance, and increases the elasticity.

“You might ask, why to encapsulate the ingredients, what is so important in time-release? Heat, moisture, pressure, or even friction, can trigger the release of the actives from the carrier system,” says SongHo Lee, CEO of SH Cosmetics Group. “A controlled release can offer more efficient release and delivery to the skin, also can help reduce irritation since it doesn’t overwhelm the skin. Moreover, it ensures that your skin is getting the 100% benefit of a product, without wasting even a drop of it,” he added.

Established in 2005, SH Cosmetics Group has carried out intensive research for 7 years searching and developing the best aesthetic products. In the 2012 year they created and launched their brand – Erlin Cosmetics, which combines the best from aesthetic and medical cosmetics. “We have brought together the expertise of our cosmetology team as well as Korea’s leading cosmetic research centers of skincare products to develop a line of advanced anti-aging products that would inspire confidence,” says Songho Lee. Erlin Cosmetics has registered trademarks in 13 countries around the world and is in the process of obtaining a sanitation permit in many other countries. Also, in 2019, they have established their factory to maintain and control the complete production process including OEM.

For more information on Erlin Skin Care, please visit or connect with the brand on Instagram before the Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week. The Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week is the first-ever online event held by Cosmoprof Asia. During 9-13 November, this virtual event will provide 5 days of comprehensive webinars, virtual live demonstrations, and business matching. Register now to start connecting.

For any product enquiry, please contact Lee, ChanHo, general manager of SH Cosmetics Group at 82-10-9879-5153 or [email protected].

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