RTE First Dates Ireland viewers left warmed after couple’s brilliant school stories lead to match


Thursday evening meant only one thing – it was time to visit the First Dates Ireland restaurant again.

Everyone’s favourite dating show was back on our screens, with singletons queueing up to try and find love in the Dublin venue.

As usual, we had four couples paired together in the hope of a happily-ever-after

Aisling and Mervyn

A story of long-lost love? Turns out that these two had sat beside each other in school for five years!

Even better, Aisling revealed the pair had made a pact together to wed if neither of them were married at a certain age!

One person wrote: “These Kilkenny two have to be a match! Has to be a bit of fate after twenty years bringing them back together!!

While a second laughed: “What are the odds Aisling and Mervyn shifted behind the bike shed back in the day?”

And to the delight of everyone, we got a match!

Effy and Paul

Effy, a pageantry participant who had shed an amazing ten stone in the course of 12 months, was matched up with Paul

It was Effy’s first ever date – however, the gentleman almost-instantly put his foot in it with a comment about how he “couldn’t understand how anyone could get Botox. Age gracefully like” – to a girl who has had Botox.

But it all ended in tragedy.

Paul was dead set on seeing her again, but Effy was honest when admitting that she didn’t see a spark, leaving him “gutted”

Maria and Dolapo

Maria and Dubliner Dolapo appeared to hit it off early.

Dolapo, who had admitted that he could “talk to a wall”, which helped out with Corkonian Maria.

After an interesting gondola proposition, there was a debate about who should speak first.

Maria was hopeful of a second date, but Dolapo just wanted to stay friends.

Aisling and Conor

We got two Aisling’s for the price of one in this episode, as one wanted a tall athletic man.

Which worked out well enough with Conor (who the narrator informed us was ticklish!)

Both were sales assistants, with a rivalry between SuperValu and Aldi.

But there was an even bigger rivalry as Aisling was a Manchester United fan while Conor supported Liverpool – a “red flag” for her!

Not that it mattered in the end, as we got another match!


A familiar face reappeared – with Lain appearing on the show for a third time!

But this time it was different. He was celebrating getting engaged and came to share the good news with the staff!

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