Rosacea Treatment – Botox Injection

Rosacea Treatment - Botox Injection

Further, for those recently diagnosed with flushing rosacea, a topical skincare product (like PCA Skin Dual Action Redness Relief) may get the job done in a much more affordable and less invasive way. “The ideal candidate for this treatment is a patient with a known diagnosis of flushing who has not been cured by available topical or oral medications. These are generally less expensive,” says GIlbert.

Dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, agrees. “If a patient has tried everything and is not getting relief for the flushing, I think Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin is a reasonable option, provided the person understands it’s not a permanent result and it can get expensive to do, depending on the amount of toxin that’s needed,” she says.

Finally, cosmetic surgeon Alexander Rivkin, MD, offers one more caveat: It’s important to remember that this treatment is relatively new and there’s still a lot to learn about its efficacy. “Based on some recent preliminary studies, flushing rosacea does seem to respond to microdoses of Botox, though these studies are small and not definitive,” he says. “Further research with larger, more definitive studies are needed. However, I’m comfortable in my practice offering microdose Botox for temporary improvement of the symptoms of flushing rosacea.”

Because the treatment is so cutting-edge, those looking to try it should take particular care in finding a doctor who has plenty of experience under his or her belt. Dr. Rivkin, for example, has not only used such toxins injected in superficial layers to help quell flushing, but he’s also used the technique to minimize the appearance of large pores. And superficial injections are a growing part of Dr. Gilbert’s practice, as well. But your average day spa staffed with Botox-certified RNs is most likely not equipped to deliver the neurotoxins correctly. “It’s very important to be sure that the person injecting is familiar with how to perform these injections, because deeper injections over sensitive areas of the face can result in unwanted side effects on the underlying muscles, like asymmetrical expressions,” Dr. Gilbert warns.

It’s a lot to consider. But for those desperate to ditch an always-red complexion, a superficial shot of Botox may be just the thing.

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