Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Utilizes Cutting-Edge Local Anesthesia Techniques For Short Scar Facelift In Santa Barbara – Press Release


Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Utilizes Cutting-Edge Local Anesthesia Techniques For Short Scar Facelift In Santa Barbara

“Dr. Sheffield, a lifetime member The American Board of Plastic Surgery® (ABPS®), is the preeminent facial plastic surgeon Santa Barbara and he and his staff offer a unique perspective to patients in a comfortable professional environment.”

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield uses cutting-edge anesthesia techniques for facial rejuvenation utilizing the short scar facelift and mini facelift procedures. Patients can get the appointment booked at the Santa Barbara clinic. The plastic surgery center follows CDC guidelines and social distancing as well as protocols for entry to the facility.

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield provides his pioneered Santa Barbara facelift procedure for facial rejuvenation using the advanced tumescent and local anesthesia techniques. This procedure is performed on the lower face and can also including a tandem neck lift to uplift the facial areas around the jowl and jawline. The short scar facelift or mini facelift is the advanced facelift procedure utilized instead of the traditinal facelift procedure using general anesthesia. This short scar facelift procedure is done by removing the excess skin around the face’s lower third region. The short incision is made around the ear area to minimize scarring and whose function is to restore youthfulness to the chin area and overall facial aesthetics.

According to Dr. Robert Sheffield, “We use the short scar facelift for lower face and neck region to shape the facial contours. It is also called an incision lift, baby boomer lift, or s-lift. The treatment is usually done on patients who are i thn their forties and fifties. With this procedure, a good facial enhancement result can be achieved without traditional facelift surgery. This cosmetic procedure corrects the drooping skin, sagging jowls, and other signs of aging. By trimming off the excess skin around the chin and other areas, the skin greatly tightens up, and the facial appeatance gets the refreshed look.”

At Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sheffield recreates a refreshed look for his patients by providing a youthful appearance and a more natural look. The local anesthesia facelift Santa Barbara procedure is a quicker, safer, and more cost-effective technique when compared to a facelift under general anesthesia. It helps in boosting the patient’s self-confidence and redefines the whole natural look.

“We perform this procedure along with other procedures like brow lift, neck lift, upper blepharoplasty, etc. These all procedures are done using the local anesthesia technique that is safer and with quicker recovery, and the patient remains conscious throughout the procedure. Before administering short scar facelift procedure, we carry out an in-depth conversation with the patients to determine the level of candidacy. Dr. Sheffield provides a customized cosmetic treatment plan discusses any potential risks. It helps in faster recovery of the patients, and if there is any minimal scarring, which gets properyly concealed.” he further added.

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield is known for increasing his patients’ confidence by using these safer and minimally-invasive anesthetic procedures. He believes in providing a more natural look rather than the “worked-on” look with his local facelift procedure for his patients.

About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield has over 30 years of experience as a Santa Barbara plastic surgeon.  He is renowned for minimally invasive to non-invasive procedures like min scar facelift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, neck lift, lip lift, etc.

About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield

Dr. Sheffield is a third-generation plastic surgeon who uses modern anesthetic techniques to perform surgery on his patients. He has completed his medical school training at the University of Tennessee, the surgical internship at Los Angeles, and residency training at the University of Florida. Dr. Robert is known for carrying out innovative reconstructive procedures while in San Diego. He is one of the founder members of the Annual Rhinoplasty Symposium, a life member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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