Rent is soaring in metro Phoenix, but lawmakers don’t care


Kathleen Black and her family stand outside their Scottsdale apartment on Feb. 11, 2022. The family of six reside in a three-bedroom apartment. Monica D. Spencer/The Republic

You’ve heard the stories, or maybe you’re living one of them.

Like the single mother hit with $800 rent increase – a stunning 50% jump in what she pays to house her family in an older three-bedroom apartment in central Scottsdale.

“That will take almost 100% of my income, and my (82-year-old) father is on a fixed income,” Kathleen Black told The Arizona Republic’s Catherine Reagor. “Our apartment isn’t that nice.”

The Black family isn’t alone. Residents across the Valley are being stung with some of the largest rent increases in the country, with no relief in sight.

Reagor reports that rents in the Phoenix area shot up nearly 30% last year, more than double the U.S. average. They’re expected to climb another 20% this year or possibly more, given the competition for apartments.

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