Renee Rouleau Skincare Is Now Discounted by 25%


So, what should you buy before the clock runs out on March 7? The brand has a number of thoughtfully developed formulas that editors and shoppers say work wonders, but its serums, exfoliants, and moisturizers are a highlight. “Lines, dark spots, texture, pores: This does it all, even if you have sensitive skin like me,” wrote one person of the Advanced Resurfacing Serum, and another person said it made their skin look and feel 10 years younger. 

Per shoppers, the serum’s a sweet spot for people who want the anti-aging impact of retinol, without the irritation that more intense prescription ones can inflict. Its ingredients include two forms of retinol, a skin-firming peptide, and extracts from mugwort, algae, and licorice to soothe as it softens lines. 

If you’d rather a slightly faster approach (and don’t mind a small tingle), the Pore + Wrinkle Perfecting Serum uses a powerful combination of lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide, and allantoin to lighten wrinkles. “This serum softens my fine lines and keeps my pores cleaned out,” wrote a reviewer on the brand’s website. Another person dealing with large pore and wrinkles said, “This product has changed my skin. It is so much brighter and my pores are barely visible.” 

For an eye-targeted angle, the Overnight Eye Serum uses a gentle, yet effective mix of glycolic acid, lactic acid, allantoin, glycerin, and aloe vera to tone down crow’s feet and pebbly texture. “My fine lines have definitely diminished, and the skin under my eyes is much smoother and less crepey,” wrote a fan. Another user seconded their approval, and added that the exfoliating serum helped their eye cream work better (eye exfoliants: What will they think of next?). 

Likewise part-specific is the Intensive Firming Neck Creme, which Lisa Rinna has called her “favorite neck creme of all time.” While it doesn’t have many reviews, the ones it does claim are exceptional: “This moisturizer works wonders on fine lines,” a devotee said. Behind its power lie two peptides to strengthen collagen and algae extract, which the brand says “de-puffs and gives a slimming effect to the fatty tissues.”  

Rinna is likewise a fan of the brand’s Firm + Repair Overnight Serum (formerly known as the Bio Radiance Night Serum), dubbing it “such a great product.” She’s not the only one enamored: “My melasma has improved at least 65 percent, and my skin looks more youthful (I’m only 36, but I still notice these things),” wrote a reviewer of the serum’s effect within two weeks. “Of the 100+ products in my vanity, this is by far the MVP.” At work is a medley of anti-aging ingredients, among them peptides, antioxidant-packed mangosteen, pomegranate, and noni fruit, and two types of anti-inflammatory algaes.  

Those with dark age spots from “years of sun damage” say the Vitamin C&E Treatment is their favorite, since it “works wonders” on hyperpigmentation anywhere on their body. Others call it their “holy grail;” where every other vitamin C treatment broke them out, the formula’s combination of brightening antioxidants and hydrating vitamin E only left happiness in its wake.  

Last up is the brand’s legendary Rapid Response Detox Masque. Its indigo tub houses a glimmering golden gel that’s as functional as it is pretty thanks to the formula’s hyaluronic acid, allantoin, panthenol, licorice root extract, tea tree oil, and two percent salicylic acid. If you ever have inflammation, cystic acne, or redness, this is your best bet: One enthusiast said it leaves their face “tighter and brighter,” and another went so far as to call it a “face saver for all ages.” Every single reviewer on the brand’s website gave it a full five stars, and this is likely the cheapest it will ever be. 

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