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Rekenstructive surgery – The Sun


KEN is tall, broad-shouldered and macho, with a chiselled jaw and a permanent
tan. But would you want YOUR man to look like Barbie’s boyfriend?

Male cosmetic surgery now accounts for 10 per cent of the market.

Chin implants, nose jobs, facelifts and hair transplants are all on the up, as
is surgery to reduce man boobs.

But these five Sun readers had an unusual request for their plastic surgeon.

They tell me why they wanted to look like a Ken doll…


‘His sharp jawline signifies strength’


BARBER Richard Harris, 43, from Brighton, East Sussex, had a chin implant,
lower facelift, a lip implant and a hair transplant. He says:

“It sounds funny but, like so many men, I grew up with the idea of perfect
male beauty being that of Barbie’s Ken.

Question any man and they all want the sharp, chiselled jawline, the handsome
features and the broad pectoral muscles of Ken. He signifies strength, as
well as male beauty.

I always felt that I had a weak jawline and when I reached my late thirties I
also felt I was getting a bit jowly.

With the advances in cosmetic surgery, you can change the parts of yourself
that make you unhappy. Cosmetic surgery is not just for women.

First I had a facelift on the lower part of my face. I had that done in
Belgium and was thrilled.

It only took me two weeks to recover and straight away I could see the

I then had a chin implant with cosmetic surgeon Taimur Shoaib at his clinic,
La Belle Forme in Glasgow, which was amazing.

That was done using a silicon implant and it gave me the chiselled profile of

I also wanted a wider jaw and that was done in Glasgow too. The surgeon took
fat from my waist and injected it into my jaw.

Finally, I had a hair transplant to correct my receding hairline. I now look
just as masculine as Ken.

Growing up, I was a shy child and I was often called ‘pretty’ while I
desperately wanted to look more ‘macho’.

I have spent £15,000 on myself and I think it is money well spent. I have
achieved exactly the look I want. I would certainly have more surgery if I
thought I needed it.”

Go to labelleforme.co.uk
for more information.


‘I wanted Ken’s distinctive nose’


LEE SAPPHIRE, 39, is an internet marketing consultant and lives in
Uxbridge. He is married, with three children. He had a nose job and says:

“I had my nose operation six years ago and it has made me feel so much better
about myself.

I hated the shape of my nose before and I wanted the sharp, distinctive nose
of Ken.

It’s a really masculine nose. Before the op my nose had a big bend in it and a
bobble on the end.

My friends used to call me ‘strawberry nose’, which I hated.

My wife reassured me that I looked fine but it was eating away at me. Since
the operation I’ve been striking Ken-style poses in my bedroom mirror,
admiring my profile.

Men want to look as ‘perfect’ as they can and ever since I was 17 I have been
down the gym nearly every day, honing my physique.

I get my hair cut every two weeks and I like to make the best of myself.

My wife plucks my eyebrows and waxes me. I use a sunbed every couple of weeks,
whiten my teeth and moisturise daily.

Modern men are taking much more care of their appearance. We don’t want to
look ‘pretty’ – we want to look masculine, like Ken.

Part of it is to do with attracting women, but it’s also about personal pride.

I had my nose job with Transform in London and I was over the moon with the
results. They shaved off some of the bone and removed the bobble.

I had two black eyes for a while but within a month it looked great. It cost
me £4,000 and was money well spent. For the first time, I really like the
way I look.”


‘Perfect man has full head of hair’


SALVAR BJORNSSON, 42, runs a hair clinic in London. He is married, with two
children. Salvar had a full hair transplant to look more like Ken. Salvar

“I had my hair transplant in 2006 and never looked back, because at 32 I
looked ten years older than I really was.

All the men on my father’s side are bald and I dreaded losing my hair.

The properties of your face are related to your hairline, so when you have a
full head of hair, it changes your features.

Let’s be honest – women tend not to fancy men who are bald.

And men who go bald tend to over-assert their masculinity by shaving their
heads and pumping iron in the gym.

Being bald makes them feel insecure about their looks.

Men have an idea of perfect male looks and these are typified by Ken, who has
a very full head of hair.

I had a straight hair harvesting implant, in which a strip of tissue was taken
from the back of my head and then each hair was painstakingly harvested,
including the follicles, and grafted on to my hairline and top of my head.

It took eight hours under a local anaesthetic and wasn’t painful. You feel
mild discomfort for about a week.

At first there is little to see, as the hairs are very short. The hair grows
gradually and naturally.

It was six to 12 months before I saw the full benefit.

It has made me so much more confident and my wife is thrilled too. She can see
the difference in how I feel about myself and how much younger and more
vital I look.

The hair will now behave entirely naturally – it will grow and fall out
eventually. The procedure costs around £6,000 and it has made a world of
difference to me.”

For more information go to vincihairclinic.com.


‘I had procedure to ditch moobs’


SCOTT CALLERY, 22, from St Helens, Merseyside, works in IT and is single.
He had gynecomastia – surgery to reduce his man boobs. He says:

“My mates would laugh if I said I had my man boobs removed to look like Ken,
but it’s true.

However much exercise I did, I could not get rid of my man boobs. They made me
feel so insecure.

Ever since school I have been self-conscious about my chest. I used to look at
my mates’ flat chests and think, ‘They are normal and I’m not’.

It made me shy around girls and I wore baggy clothes to hide them. I even did
Royal Marines training but the exercise made them worse by pushing them out.

In the end, I decided to have cosmetic surgery to have the breast tissue
removed. I chose Transform in Manchester and also had liposuction around my

It was all done under general anaesthetic and I didn’t feel anything.

I wore a compression vest for six weeks but immediately after the operation it
was amazing. I looked down to see a completely flat chest.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was and I couldn’t stop smiling. Before, I
wouldn’t date women.

Now you can’t stop me.

I’m so much happier about myself and straight away I ordered 20 fitted and
low-cut T-shirts on the internet to show off my new chest.

The procedure cost £3,000 and I’d spend the money again. Men are just as
insecure as women about their looks and everyone has seen the difference in

For more information, go to transforminglives.co.uk.


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