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Radio Frequency Facial Treatment Tutorial

Radio Frequency Facial Treatment Tutorial

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First, I apologize for the video not on full screen. I absolutely cannot fix it. I’m not sure why it did this. Maybe someone can help me out. Second, PLEASE remember that my students are video taping this for me. There is background noise, the camera work is not professionally done. Believe me, I’ve heard all the comments before, “There’s so much background noise.” “The video is done horribly.” I really don’t need to hear those again. Lol I GET IT!!!. Third, please remember that this was HOW I WAS TAUGHT. You may have learned another way. There are different ways to do things. But maybe you’ll find something helpful.

Demo’ing for my students the Radio Frequency Facial Treatment. This video only shows me doing on side of the face. Once the 10 minutes is up on one side, you would precede to the other side. I just didn’t think anyone would be interested (or might get bored) just watching me move around half the face in quick circles. This treatment is great for people who want to lift and tighten their skin/face without any surgery or downtime. It heats up the lower layers of the skin, causing skin resistance, making the skin (subdermal layer) produce more collagen. Keep in mind that it is gradual and clients need at least 6-12 treatments a month apart. This equipment is a Panda Box Bipolar machine. It’s only good for the face. There are other models where you can also treat the body. Some people also take the temperature of the skin while doing this. This machine doesn’t get hot enough to do any “serious” damage. Although if you don’t move the handpiece quickly, the client will feel extrememe heat. And certainly let you know. The results are excellent. However, there are some contraindications: Clients who are or have: Pregnant, Breastfeeding, HIV/AIDS, Cancer (all forms), Undergoing chemotherapy or immune therapy, Immunodeficiency, Lupus, Hig Blood Pressure (uncontrolled), Diabetes (uncontrolled), Keloid Scarring, Excessive Pigmentation, Vein Inflammation, Prednisone and other steroid medications (treatment will increase inflammation), Chemical Peels and Laser Resurfacing and Sunburn. Hope you enjoy.

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