Radio Frequency Anti-Aging Facial Treatment — Bye Wrinkles!


Radio Frequency Anti-Aging Facial Treatment — Bye Wrinkles! That’s what you’ll be saying when you try this non-invasive, painless beauty treatment that tightens your skin to improve the appearance of fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles. I filmed myself getting RF treatment to show you that it’s a piece of cake! I’ve always loved beauty practitioner Diana Seo’s approach to non-invasive treatments. She helps women all over the east coast “age gracefully” through her skincare practice called The Collagen Bar and I’m one of her devotees. This  treatment is by Forma and uses a Radio Frequency machine to smooth and firm up your skin. I was out the door in 20 minutes and even went out on the town later that night. I’m dying to have her treat my neck next! I recommend this treatment if you want to look rejuvenated for a big event where you plan to show major face.

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