R3 Stem Cell and Dr. David Lawrence Greene proclaims to open Regenerative Therapy Clinic in Pakistan


Dr. David Greene is proud to announce the very first FDA-regulated and DRAP-approved Stem Cell Therapy clinic in Pakistan “R3 Stem Cell Pakistan”.

ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. David Greene and R3 Stem Cell claim the opening of a regenerative therapy/medicine clinic in Pakistan. Dr. David Greene is the pioneer behind the R3 Stem Cell. He aims to provide the best safe, and effective regenerative therapies. R3 has grown its roots to 45 clinics globally and performed more than 16,000 regenerative therapy procedures with the exosomes and Stem Cells. Under the guidance of Dr. David Lawrence Greene, we have achieved over 85% significant recovery rate with no harmful side effects.

Dr. David Greene is proud to announce the very first FDA-regulated and DRAP-approved Stem Cell Therapy clinic in Pakistan “R3 Stem Cell Pakistan” which is located in Islamabad.

Due to the advanced and cutting-edge results from Stem Cell Therapy, people are getting attention to its benefits. R3 Stem Cell Pakistan aims to provide excellent recovery rates for more than 82 diseases. Some of the common diseases include arthritis, Autism, COPD, ALS, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, erectile dysfunction, cerebral palsy, and much more.

With the countless success of European Stem Cell Treatment clinics, patients have been demanded a regenerative clinic on the Asian side of the globe. The new Stem Cell Therapy clinic in Pakistan has opened many new insights for the patients who get worried with the name of “Surgical”. The opening of this clinic will provide ease to the patients from any traveling hassle.

We believe “Don’t Operate, But Regenerate!! What about if you get yourself recovered in your own country? Sounds Cool!!

The aim behind R3 Stem Cell is to provide the best, affordable, and high-quality Stem Cell treatment. We make sure to provide cost-effective treatments to our patients. The Stem Cell experts will examine each patient in detail and suggest how much Stem Cell your condition requires. We are proud to provide Exosomes therapies as well.

In 2021, everyone is looking forward to “non-surgical”. There are proven protocols for different conditions like Diabetes, ALS, MS, Kidney failure, and many other conditions to count on. Stem Cell Treatment is contributing its major role in anti-aging.

Dr. David Greene, CEO R3 Stem Cell explains that;
“Our clinics combine extremely high-quality biologics with first-rate providers and protocols along with the world’s best pricing. We offer the Mercedes of stem cell therapy for the cost of a Chevy!”

R3 Stem Cell is expanding continuously to serve its patients at the best. We provide outpatient care. You can get a free phone consultation, where the Stem Cell expert will deal with all of your queries. The number to call is (051) 8896711 or reach us at info@r3stemcell.pk

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