Home Facial Treatments R3 Health to Bring Whole-Body, Individualized Healthcare Longevity Services to North Palm Beach with New Location Opening

R3 Health to Bring Whole-Body, Individualized Healthcare Longevity Services to North Palm Beach with New Location Opening

R3 Health to Bring Whole-Body, Individualized Healthcare Longevity Services to North Palm Beach with New Location Opening


NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†West Palm Beach-based R3 Health, a provider of individualized services that address the health, medical, beauty, lifestyle, and aging concerns of patients, is set to introduce its innovative whole-body approach to wellness to North Palm Beach with the opening of a brand new location in March. This is the second location that the company has established, and it will be based at 772 US-1 Suite 101, North Palm Beach, FL 33408.

“At R3 Health, we believe that personalized healthcare is the key to optimal and balanced wellness. In turn, it helps prevent chronic disease and manages the aging process. We’ve seen how well a more individualized form of healthcare can enhance the overall wellness of our patients in West Palm Beach, so we’re delighted to now have the chance to help the people of North Palm Beach experience the same improvements in their quality of life,” said Joseph Radich, Founder and Clinical Director of R3 Health. “We’re thrilled to be opening our second location in North Palm Beach this March and look forward to helping those in the community achieve and maintain optimal health.”

R3 Health offers three areas of service in their all-encompassing approach: medical, beauty, and regenerative. For its medical services, rather than using a synthetic drug to mask the developed result of an imbalance, R3 Health’s approach to patient care focuses on utilizing naturally occurring substances to help better balance the natural homeostasis of our bodies. The company’s beauty solutions utilize cutting-edge techniques, like OxyGeneo and stem cell facials, customized and formulated to give skin the highest level of treatment and care. Finally, for its regenerative service, R3 Health provides advanced, minimally invasive, and regenerative therapies individualized for patients who simply want to improve their longevity and quality of life. R3 health not only provides world renowned individualized regenerative treatment plans for its patients, but also has a full physician training program, so not only are you getting the best services but you’re also receiving them from a group that has trained over 500 physicians from all over the world.

During this year, R3 Health will also be refreshing its flagship West Palm Beach location to include a brand new, never-before-seen, and state-of-the-art regenerative medicine membership facility. Additionally, the company plans to launch a telemedicine and video medicine service with a dedicated app later this year, allowing them to serve patients all over the world, including countries like United Kingdom, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Canada.

Widely known for offering a safe and trusted VIP healthcare experience, R3 Health treats household name celebrities, athletes, and CEOs of major brands.

As well as performing the most cutting-edge wellness, anti-aging, beauty, and regenerative services, R3 Health has an online supplement store at R3HealthEssentials.com that offers top notch physician grade only nutraceuticals. The company also offers a full practitioner training program and has trained over 500 doctors in more than 30 states.

About R3 Health

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, R3 Health provides a safe and trusted VIP experience designed for patients to address all their health, medical, beauty, regenerative, and lifestyle concerns. By applying the latest technology, individualized wellness programs, and cutting-edge treatments, R3 Health treats every patient with a whole-body approach. For more information, please visit R3Health.co.

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