Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz Expands Laser Hair Removal Treatment Options – Press Release


As Kansas City’s leading cosmetic laser center, Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz is now offering laser hair removal using their Sciton Profile Laser, providing patients with the safest, most effective laser hair removal technology.  

The Sciton Profile Laser is a laser hair removal game changer. Most laser hair removal systems only use a single wavelength of energy, but the Sciton Profile takes a dual-energy approach. With broadband light (BBL, also called intense pulsed light or IPL) and 1064 nm Nd:YAG wavelengths, Premier Vein & Body can customize treatment for patients, even those with darker skin. The 1064 nm wavelength gives greater control and personalization capabilities to Premier Vein & Body laser experts, who can tailor treatment to skin and hair type.

Laser hair removal works as laser energy disrupts the pigment in the follicle, resulting in follicle collapse and shedding. Only hair follicles in the active growth phase can be treated, so most laser hair removal plans involve 6-8 treatments. Once the follicle sheds, dormant follicles transition into active growth. The next Sciton Profile treatment at Premier Vein & Body disrupts these newly active follicles and causes them to shed. After enough treatments, there are no new follicles left, resulting in smooth, silky, hair-free skin.

Past ideal candidates had to be cautious of laser energy and how it interacted with the melanin in their skin at the risk of hyperpigmentation. The Sciton Profile solves that problem with the 1064 Nd:YAG wavelength. Melanin absorption is minimized, so patients with darker skin tones can finally have laser hair removal treatment in the safe, comfortable offices of Premier Vein & Body. Treatment is comfortable with a built-in epidermal cooling system. The laser energy fires through a sapphire cooling plate, keeping surface skin temperature at cool levels before, during, and after each pulse for far less discomfort.

A computer-controlled scanner powers Sciton Profile’s laser head movement rather than manual motion for very little pulse overlap while ensuring complete and uniform coverage of the treatment area. The Sciton Profile laser beam is also wider than many systems, allowing for quicker passes as more follicles are treated with each pulse. Even large areas, like the back and legs, can be treated quickly.

While it may take 3 sessions for patients to achieve notably sparser hair, each treatment results in more hair loss, and when the whole treatment protocol is completed, patients see the final strands shed, leaving behind smooth, hair-free skin without worry the hair will return.

There is no one in the greater Kansas City metro area who knows laser treatments better than Dr. Craig Schwartz. He’s triple board-certified in Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, and Phlebology, and has treated thousands of patients with cutting-edge laser technology for a variety of treatment types and successful outcomes. It is this training, knowledge, and experience that makes Dr. Schwartz a world-class vascular and cosmetic surgeon. His passion for creating a truly unique practice where patients can receive in-office treatments for both vascular and cosmetic rejuvenation with skilled, highly trained professionals is what elevates the patient experience. From the first interaction to the last, patients of Premier Vein & Body know they’ve received the best laser hair removal treatment in Kansas City:

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