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Our health and wellness took center stage last year as the world coped with the worst health care crisis of our lifetime. Fortunately for our communities, we have some of the finest physicians, surgeons, and health care specialists right here in our midst. Please join us in celebrating some of the area’s most accomplished doctors and all that they bring to the villages we call home. This new annual feature showcases Hinsdale’s premier doctors across a variety of specialties—from oncology and mental health to optometry and plastic surgery. Many of the physicians featured here were on the front lines over the last year to keep us all safe, healthy, and happy. As we move into 2021 and look ahead to a brighter future, there has never been a better time to say thank you for all that they do.

If you would like to recommend an outstanding physician or be considered for our 2022 feature, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected].


SPECIALTY: Optometry (Preventative Eye Care, Dry Eye, Myopia Management, Vision and Learning) EDUCATION: BS, Northern Illinois University; MS, Northern Illinois University; Doctor of Optometry, Illinois College of Optometry DISTINCTIONS: Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry; Board of Trustees Scholar; graduated cum laude from Illinois College of Optometry

Hinsdale Advanced Eye Care is a full spectrum family optometry practice proudly offering comprehensive eye care to the Western Suburbs. “We focus on our patients to ensure healthy eyes and clear vision through preventative eye care,” says Dr. Treacy Adamo, a board-certified medical optometrist who is residency trained in managing eye disease and blind and concussion rehabilitation. “Our team is able to create a personalized treatment plan to minimize the impact to your vision and eye health through early identification of risk factors and prevention.” From slowing the progression of myopia to genetic testing to identify risk for macular degeneration to diagnostic testing and advanced treatment of dry eye and vision therapy, Hinsdale Advanced Eye Care offers the latest in technology and advanced training to help its patients get back to doing the things they love to do and prevent eye disease in the process. In addition to the most advanced in-office technologies, Hinsdale Advanced Eye Care offers a large selection of eyeglass frames and high-tech lens options. “Our team considers the patient first and caters to provide first class care,” she says.

Hinsdale Advanced Eye Care is located at 133 E. Ogden Avenue, Suite 100, in Hinsdale. For more information, call 630-560-5652, visit, or follow them on Facebook at @hinsdaleeye.


SPECIALTY: Interventional Radiologist, Vein Specialist, Cosmetic Surgeon EDUCATION: MD, University of Damascus; general surgical and radiology training, Providence Hospital; interventional radiology fellowship, University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago DISTINCTIONS: Board certification, radiology; board certification, interventional radiology

Dr. Amjad Alkadri, an interventional radiologist and vein specialist with expertise in minimally invasive surgery, believes your anti-aging results should be gradual, natural, and complementary. His Hinsdale Vein and Laser Institute is devoted to providing subtle, balanced results that match each patient’s goals and concerns. An accomplished physician and scientist, Dr. Alkadri has 20 years of experience in the field of interventional radiology with a special interest in the treatment of varicose veins and cosmetic procedures. He considers himself a minimalist, applying his adept aesthetic eye to each patient. “I pride myself on enhancing personal natural beauty, reversing the aging process in a real, organic way,” says Dr. Alkadri, who has the unique distinction of being a primary investigator for an ablative cosmetic treatment and stem cell/fat transfer sponsored by the FDA. “I discuss each patient’s personal goals at length to ensure that they are in control of the outcome.” Dr. Alkadri is the founder and president of Hinsdale Vein and Laser Institute, which has four partner offices located in northwest Indiana and Hinsdale and is today considered one of the fastest growing vein and cosmetic centers in the Chicago area.

Hinsdale Vein and Laser Institute is located at 18 W. 1st Street in Hinsdale. For more information, call 630- 403-0121 or visit


SPECIALTY: Dermatology EDUCATION: Dr. Jeffrey Berti, BS, University of Illinois; University of Illinois College of Medicine; residency at Mayo Clinic; fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology at Mayo Clinic; dermatology residency with fellowship in Dermatologic Surgery at University of Wisconsin. Dr. Toula Berti, BS, University of Illinois; University of Illinois College of Medicine; Mayo Clinic residency. AWARDS/HONORS: Dr. Jeffrey Berti was Chief Resident, the highest honor for a residency program; graduated Alpha Omega Alpha from University of Illinois, the highest award for top 1 percent of graduating medical students.

Dr. Jeffrey Berti and Dr. Toula Berti are the perfect pair, both in life and in business. Cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic surgery have always been Dr. J. Berti’s calling, so it’s no surprise that he is known as one of the best dermatologists in the Chicago area. While science and math were always his academic strengths, he was also drawn to art and architecture. Whether he is designing and suturing a skin reconstruction, sculpting the face with injectables, or reshaping one’s body with liposuction, he continuously incorporates skill and knowledge with artistic vision. Dr. T. Berti has also combined her love of science and math with a keen insight towards the human body, mind, and skin relationship. She, too, has always appreciated the arts and fashion, using this framework to combine an extensive knowledge of lasers to promote gorgeous, healthy-looking skin. Over their combined careers, the doctors have pioneered and trained other doctors in dermatologic use of lasers, Botox, fillers and body contouring devices, such as CoolSculpting. One of the hallmarks of their practice is helping patients attain natural-looking, flawless skin through treatments designed to fit their lifestyles. And as skin cancer specialists, hundreds of patients have been successfully treated and seen the long-term improvement of the health of their skin. Together, they share a commitment to provide each patient with a professional medical visit that combines the same high level of expertise and decorum fostered at the prestigious Mayo Clinic—which seeks to promote “respect, integrity, compassion, healing, teamwork, innovation, and excellence.”

Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery is located at 6825 Kingery Highway in Willowbrook. For more information, call 630-321-0303 or visit

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SPECIALTY: Internal Medicine EDUCATION: BA, Cornell University; MD, Tufts University School of Medicine; residency training, Northwestern School of Medicine AWARDS: Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

Dr. Meaghan Boston Daly, a concierge internal medicine doctor with Harper Health Hinsdale, says being a great physician is more than just knowing the latest and greatest medical treatments. “It’s also about the doctor-patient relationship,” says Dr. Daly. “Taking the time to truly listen, care, and communicate in a thoughtful and compassionate way is what every medical professional should aspire to.” After more than a decade in the industry, she has seen the healthcare system grow increasingly more complex and impersonal. “Harper Health is a membership-based practice that focuses on quality over quantity,” she explains. “Keeping my panel of patients small allows me to treat each patient like family.” Dr. Daly is a board-certified, internal medicine physician with a top educational background and commitment to excellence who gives each patient the time and attention they deserve.

Harper Health Hinsdale is located at 12 Salt Creek Lane, Suite 310, in Hinsdale. For more information, call 855-947-7371, email [email protected], or visit


SPECIALTY: Pediatric Dentistry EDUCATION: Doctor of Dental Medicine, Specialty in Pediatric Dentistry; MS in Oral Science; Masters in Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Kelsey Brar, who recently joined Band & Wire Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Clarendon Hills, believes that going to the dentist should be an enjoyable and positive experience for all children. “I truly enjoy working with anxious children and helping them become comfortable in a child friendly dental environment, while teaching my patients the fundamentals for achieving a lifetime of excellent oral health,” she says, explaining that her treatment approach incorporates the latest techniques and technologies to minimize child discomfort and dental anxiety. “I rely on most recent guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and clinical research in planning my treatments. As far as the office environment, my team and I do everything we can to make every child’s experience memorable in the most positive way. This also includes children with special medical needs whose oral health requires extra attention.” Being on staff at Hinsdale Hospital also allows Dr. Brar and her colleagues the opportunity to provide complex dental treatments to children who are unable to tolerate care at a normal dental office setting. “What I truly enjoy about Band & Wire is the collaborative team approach,” she adds. “The success of orthodontic treatment often depends on prevention and proper timing. This ensures a successful treatment and spectacular smiles to all of our patients.”

Band & Wire Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry is located at 433 E. Ogden Avenue in Clarendon Hills. For more information, call 630- 320-8888 or visit


SPECIALTY: Orthodontics EDUCATION: MS in Oral Science, specialty in Orthodontics, University of Illinois at Chicago AWARDS/HONORS: Top 1% Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers; Board-Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics

Dr. Ramzi Daibis and Dr. Tamara Oweis’ Band & Wire Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry is a patient and parent-focused practice with a treatment philosophy based on state-of-the-art research and science. “We customize and time orthodontic treatment in a way that ensures best treatment results in the quickest and most convenient way possible,” says Dr. Oweis. The focus is on prevention and minimally invasive treatment. Orthodontic treatment for younger children, for example, is not recommended unless there is a clear indication for it. “Unnecessary treatment, in our opinion, can create rather than resolve problems. Additionally, our staffing and office setup allows us to offer appointments to new and existing patients quickly and conveniently,” adds Dr. Daibis. “Earlier this year, we expanded our practice by adding Dr. Kelsey Brar, a specialized pediatric dentist, to our team. In addition to being convenient for our patients, our collaboration ensures that dental and orthodontic concerns are addressed in a timely manner as soon as they arise. It also guarantees best treatment outcomes.” The orthodontists have also developed an award-winning expertise in treating children, teenagers, and adults with Invisalign clear aligners—an increasingly popular alternative to traditional braces. “Our 3D scanning and treatment planning technology as well as our experience in the system allows us to treat the most complex cases and deliver outstanding treatment results for patients of all age groups,” says Dr. Oweis.

Band & Wire Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry is located at 433 E. Ogden Avenue in Clarendon Hills. For more information, call 630-320-8888 or visit

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SPECIALTY: Mental Health and Counseling EDUCATION: MA, Clinical Psychology, Roosevelt University AWARDS/HONORS/DISTINCTIONS: Distinguished Service Award, Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association; Chair Liaison of the Illinois Counseling Association Insurance Taskforce; Past President of the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association; member of the Advisory Board at Adler University. Media appearances as a psychological expert for Hoy and WTTW Channel 11 television and The Cristina Show on Radio 105.1FM.

Jennifer Froemel has been in private practice as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) since 1999, founding Innovative Counseling Partners, LLC in 2014. She operates in consultative ways with medical, alternative, and spiritual practitioners to ensure a holistic approach to impact improved client wellness. “We believe mental wellness is all about seeing a person in their entirety and the knowledge that we can all be healed and be stronger than when we started therapy,” says Froemel, who has also worked as a bilingual mental health clinician in community mental health within residential settings, hospitals, and clinics. “Our work is truly journeying along with the client to find their ideal version of themselves and believing in them.” She is passionate about ensuring quality mental health care is available to the masses, having worked with diverse populations including African- Americans, Latinx, impoverished, and LGBTQIA populations throughout the years. “I chose integrative care because mental health is not just brain wellness but whole wellness,” says Froemel. She has experience treating eating disorders, sexual addiction, bipolar disorder, trauma, anxiety, depression, and parenting issues and has also worked with the Chicago Archdiocese on cases of pastoral sexual abuse. At Innovative Counseling Partners, Froemel and her team provide integrative mental health, trauma, and energy-based therapies. “Our evaluation is thorough and may require you to take some leaps of faith but know these integrative methods often take us back to our human roots of connection,” she explains.

Innovative Counseling Partners LLC has five locations across the Chicago area. For more information, call 773- 312-3612 or visit


SPECIALTY: Cosmetic Dermatology and Regenerative Medicine EDUCATION: Board-certified Dermatologist AWARDS/HONORS: Speaker and Trainer for Merz Aesthetics, Suneva Medical, Predictive Biotech

Dr. Jessie Cheung founded her cosmetic dermatology practice with a mission to treat more than just her patients’ skin. “Wholly interconnected is the internal wellness of each patient, including hormone optimization, sexual health, and confidence,” she says. The mantra at her Cheung Aesthetics & Wellness is “look better, feel better, perform better.” Dr. Cheung says she and her team pride themelves on using the latest and best techniques and equipment to deliver state-of-the-art results. “Of course, cosmetics isn’t just science, it is art,” she adds, explaining that when it comes to feeling better, looking better isn’t enough when one is fatigued, overweight, has low-energy, or lacking libido. “Our wellness program does a deep dive into patients’ levels of hormones, vitamins, and nutrients and prescribes treatments to achieve proper balance. Patients feel revitalized and happy.” Regarding the mission to help patients perform better, Dr. Cheung specializes in procedures for female and male sexual rejuvenation and health—treating patients from across the globe. After all, confidence is sexy. “My art is born from my unique experience,” adds Dr. Cheung. “As a board-certified dermatologist, I am frequently quoted in national health and beauty magazines and am sought after by leading cosmetic injectable and laser companies to speak and train at cosmetic symposiums worldwide.”

Cheung Aesthetics & Wellness is located at 545 Plainfield Road, Suite B, in Willowbrook, 520 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 300, in Chicago, and at 150 Broadway, Suite 1110, in New York City. For more information, call 630-455-0140, email [email protected], or visit


SPECIALTY: Urology—Stone diseases (Dr. Ephrem Olweny); Urology—Minimally invasive and robotic surgery (Dr. Alexander Chow) EDUCATION: MD, Washington University School of Medicine; residency, University of California, San Francisco; endourology and minimally invasive urology fellowship, UT Southwestern Medical Center (Dr. Ephrem Olweny). BS, University of Michigan; MD, Rush Medical College; residency, Rush University Medical Center; minimally invasive urologic oncology and endourology fellowship, Washington University School of Medicine (Dr. Alexander Chow)

Urologic conditions can affect all aspects of a person’s life. Dr. Alexander Chow and Dr. Ephrem Olweny—two expert urologists at Rush University Medical Center Oak Brook—get to the root of your problem, while also focusing on how it has been affecting your day-to-day life. Dr. Chow specializes in performing minimally invasive and single port robotic surgeries for urological conditions, including prostate, kidney, and bladder cancers. This approach typically allows patients to have a shorter hospital stay, less pain, and a faster recovery compared to traditional open surgeries. Dr. Olweny specializes in treating kidney stone disease, and also offers advanced minimally invasive treatment options for conditions, maintaining a keen focus on improving his patients’ quality of life. Dr. Chow and Dr. Olweny see patients at Rush University Medical Center locations in Chicago, Oak Park, and Oak Brook. Rush Oak Brook is conveniently located in the heart of the Western suburbs and features comprehensive care, multiple specialties, and a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center.

Rush Oak Brook is located at 2011 York Road in Oak Brook. For more information on urology services, call 630-724-1300 or visit

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SPECIALTY: Mohs Surgery and Dermatology EDUCATION: BS in Biology, BA in Theology, Creighton University, summa cum laude; MD, Creighton University; Resurrection Medical Center, Internal Medicine, internship; Rush University Medical Center; Dermatology, Chief Resident, residency; University of California Davis Medical Center; Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Procedural Dermatology fellowship. AWARDS/HONORS: Theologian of the Year, Creighton University; Exceptional Women in Medicine (Castle Connolly 2017, 2018, 2019); America’s Most Honored Professionals (2017, 2018, 2019); America’s Most Honored Doctors (2020)

Dr. Tracy Campbell’s passion for the best possible patient outcome is what drives her each day. “I deliver the highest quality surgical care in an empathetic and friendly environment. The patients should feel like part of our family when they are in our office,” says Dr. Campbell, explaining that her fellowship and residency left her feeling determined to help conquer skin cancer. “We have state of the art facilities and cutting-edge technology to aid in delivering the highest quality medical care.” She believes in the mantra that a patient may not remember what you say to them, but they will remember how they feel. “I realize that Mohs Surgery can be a stressful moment for a patient and it’s paramount that I make my patients feel as comfortable as possible. I continue to research new techniques to perfect my trade,” adds Dr. Campbell, who resides in Barrington with her husband and three children. “My passion is dermatology and cancer surgery and I always want to convey to the patient that we have the same goal which is to have the best possible medical outcome. ”

Dr. Campbell sees patients at Derick Dermatology which is located at 1600 N. Randall Road, Suite 400, in Elgin, 847-381-8899; Moore Dermatology which is located at 501 W. North Avenue, Suite 103, in Melrose Park, 708-450-5086; Dundee Dermatology which is located at 1201 Water Tower Road in West Dundee, 847-851-8888; and Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology which is located at 515 N. State Street, Suite 900, in Chicago, 312-245-9965.


SPECIALTY: Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat), Sinus, Facial Cosmetics EDUCATION: BS, University of Illinois; MD, UAG/Loyola University; residency (otolaryngology, head, and neck), Loyola University AWARDS/HONORS: Top Doctors, Castle Connolly

The ability to breathe better, hear better, sleep better, and feel better can have life-changing results. Since 1959, Drs. Girgis and Associates (DGA) has been helping patients do just that. “Improving nasal breathing and nasal appearance can have positive effects on how you breath, sleep, and feel—all while minimizing facial discomfort, sinus symptoms, down time, and the need for medications,” says Dr. Samuel J. Girgis, a board-certified otolaryngologist who joined the practice in 1986. As a team, he and his associates consider themselves servants of their patients. They take pride in the fact that they have served up to three to four generations, constantly striving to be the best they can be—personally and professionally. “We do everything we can to do what is best for you, our patient,” explains Dr. Girgis. “While we are an ENT one-stop shop, often offering same day services for ENT, audiology, allergy, hearing aids, in-house CT scan services, sleep services, and an in-house sleep lab, each of our ENT providers have a particular ENT emphasis. My particular interest is nasal and sinus diseases, including all aspects of nasal, functional, cosmetic, and reconstructive areas of nasal care.” The best part about this specialized treatment and 60 years of experience? Patients who feel like they are part of the DGA family.

Drs. Girgis and Associates, S.C. is located at 908 N. Elm Street, Suite 306, in Hinsdale. For more information, call 630-323-5214, or visit


SPECIALTY: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (emphasis in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery) EDUCATION: BA, Johns Hopkins University; MD, University of Wisconsin; General Surgery, University of Chicago; Plastic Surgery, Wayne State University, Detroit; Plastic Surgery, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas AWARDS/HONORS/DISTINCTIONS: Clinical Faculty, University of Illinois and University of Chicago; Castle Connolly, America’s Top Surgeons; Marquis “Who’s Who” Lifetime Achievement Award; RealSelf Top contributor, Verified Doctor; US News and World Report, Top Plastic Surgeons; media appearances include ABC, Fox News, NBC, WGN, Chicago Tribune, Life and Style Weekly, The Learning Channel, The Jenny Jones Show, Larry King Live Radio, WebMD Radio, New Beauty Instagram Live, and Allergan Instagram Live.

Reputations are built over time, with effort, creativity—and ultimately—results. When Dr. Peter Geldner began his practice, most of his work dealt with complex reconstructive surgeries. “The questions were always how to formulate a unique solution for each patient based on their needs, desires, and limitations, available tissues, and a creative use of surgical options,” he says. “My cosmetic practice rapidly grew in an organic fashion. Patients sought me out since I didn’t apply a cookie cutter approach, instead treating each patient in a holistic fashion.” Dr. Geldner constantly evaluates his own outcomes to refine his patients’ options with surgical as well as nonsurgical treatments. New devices and techniques may represent substantial advancements in the art and science of plastic surgery; conversely, without close review, they may simply represent hype. “Only critical evaluation allows us to choose which new devices and techniques work and which do not. Consultations focus on a candid discussion of the patient’s desires, health, options, and individualized risks,” says Dr. Geldner. “We jointly create a plan for success. Intraoperative and postoperative care is vitally important. Experience and critical thought have taught me not to dismiss patient concerns. I realize that for each patient, the subjective outcome of our care far exceeds an objective evaluation of the results.” That’s why he continues to surround himself with nurses and estheticians who share his vision. “What we do for our patients has tremendous importance in their lives,” he adds. “We offer the options to look better, feel better, and live better.”

The Geldner Center is located at 680 North Lake Shore Drive, Suite 1325, in Chicago, and at 12 Salt Creek Lane, Suite 315, in Hinsdale. For more information, call 312-981-4440 (Chicago) or 630-315-5699 (Hinsdale) or visit


SPECIALTY: Colon and rectal surgery EDUCATION: MD, Rush Medical College, general surgery residency, University of Colorado; colorectal surgery fellowship, Cleveland Clinic Florida (Dr. Henry Govekar). MD, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine; general surgery residency, Rush University Medical Center; colon and rectal surgery fellowship, Mayo Clinic (Dr. Theodore Saclarides)

The colorectal surgeons at Rush Oak Brook understand that having colon and rectal surgery is a big decision. That’s why they focus on addressing a patient’s condition, while also making their quality of life a top priority. For those that have colorectal cancers, inflammatory bowel disease, or benign anal conditions such as a difficult-to-treat hemorrhoid, anal fistula, anal fissure, or a pilonidal cyst, Dr. Henry Govekar, and Dr. Theodore Saclarides, can help. Both doctors discuss surgical and non-surgical options with their patients, to help determine the best treatment that can improve one’s quality of life with the fewest side effects. As leaders in their field, Dr. Govekar and Dr. Saclarides offer the latest treatments, including minimally invasive surgery, helping their patients find relief and return to their normal quality of life. Both doctors are available to see patients at Rush Oak Brook, which is conveniently located in the heart of the Western suburbs and features comprehensive care, multiple specialties, and a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center.

Rush Oak Brook is located at 2011 York Road in Oak Brook. For more information, call 630-724-1300 or

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SPECIALTY: Pelvic Health Physical Therapy EDUCATION: BS, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana; Doctorate, Physical Therapy, Rosalind Franklin University AWARDS/HONORS/DISTINCTIONS: Board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist; Adjunct Professor for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation; Illinois Physical Therapy Association Mentor for Pelvic Health/Women’s Health

“Pelvic Floor dysfunction affects women of all ages and many don’t know they have a problem, but I give them a solution,” explains Khushboo Joshi, DPT. “Often times women resign themselves to living with pain, discomfort, or embarrassment because they aren’t aware there’s treatment out there. It’s so often I hear, ‘Who knew there was physical therapy for this?’” Women’s Clinic, a women’s health practice leader and instructor for over 10 years, not only focuses on restoring women to their full health, but on teaching other physical therapists the best practices. “Women’s Clinic focuses on rehabilitation for female pelvic issues that are otherwise ignored, misunderstood, and even stigmatized. As more women discover Pelvic Floor PT, they realize they don’t have to live with constant pain, or the inconvenience and embarrassment of incontinence that often comes from childbirth and aging,” says Dr. Joshi. Women’s Clinic uses a concierge model which brings treatment to its patients’ homes and can even be done virtually during these uncertain times. Among their many treatment successes are athletes of all ages, pre- and post-natal patients, aging women, clients with acute injuries, and clients with chronic pain.

For more information about Women’s Clinic USA, email [email protected], visit, or follow on Instagram.


SPECIALTY: Vascular and Interventional Radiology EDUCATION: MD, American University of the Caribbean, School of Medicine; fellowship in Vascular and Interventional radiology, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago AWARDS/HONORS: Member, Chicago Medical Society COVID-19 Task Force (2020); Distinguished Physician Award, Indian American Association of Illinois (2020); Presidential Award, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (2020); Leadership Award, Chicago Medical Society (2019); Outstanding Leadership Award, MEATF by Congressman Danny Davis (2018); Distinguished Physician Award, Northwestern Medicine-Delnor Hospital (2017)

Dr. Sreenivas Reddy is a board-certified Diagnostic Radiologist with fellowship training in Vascular and Interventional Radiology from Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Center in Chicago. He specializes in minimally invasive procedures to minimize complications that can occur with open surgery. “I use image guidance such as Ultrasound or Fluoroscopy to have 100 percent accuracy for procedures,” explains Dr. Reddy, who was awarded specialty certification with the American Board of Radiology. He is also a member of Society of Interventional Radiology, American College of Phlebology, and Radiological Society of North America. With more than 18 years of experience performing endovenous laser vein treatments (EVLT) and sclerotherapy, Dr. Reddy has become one of Chicago’s premier vein and vascular treatment specialists. He has performed many uterine fibroid embolizations (UFE), arterial interventions, and other procedures by gaining access from the patient’s wrist. Dr. Reddy has been affiliated with Northwestern Medicine-Delnor Hospital for over 10 years. In addition to running a successful medical practice, he is also an active member of Chicago Medical Society, Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS), and was recently certified by the Board of Directors of the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM). Dr. Reddy is currently appointed to the Cook County Health Foundation and serves on the Illinois State Medical Board.

Vein and Vascular Centers, SC is located at 7 N. Grant Street, Suite 1, in Hinsdale, and 412 W 63rd Street, Suite 101, in Downers Grove. For more information, call 708-354-8881 or visit


SPECIALTY: Orthodontics EDUCATION: Dr. Nick and Dr. Blair have specialty Certificates in Orthodontics from Montefiore Medical Center in New York. Dr. Blair also has a specialty Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry from Montefiore. DISTINCTIONS: Dr. Nick is Board Certified in Orthodontics. Dr. Blair is Dual-Board Certified in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

What makes this husband-and-wife team premier? It starts with a pair of rare credentials. Dr. Nick is a board-certified specialist in Orthodontics, while Dr. Blair has the distinction of being the area’s only dual-board certified specialist in both Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. With this higher-level understanding of growth and development, they pride themselves on being able to provide the very best care, and at the most appropriate time. “We also use only the best materials, including the most high-tech, high-quality brace available, the Damon Brace System, with an emphasis on comfort and convenience,” explains Dr. Nick. “Think gentle self-ligating braces and space-age wires that allow more efficient tooth movement, to get better results in less appointments.” They are Invisalign experts, too. Using their unique knowledge and experience, they achieve amazing results for adults and kids of all ages using clear aligners, all while putting their patients’ happiness first. “It’s not just about braces and wires, after all, it helps that we have the best staff in the world, and work with the best doctors in the area,” admits Dr. Nick, “this helps us provide truly exceptional care and service.” They also employ state-of-the-art equipment that allow them to shape uneven or unsightly gum lines with LASER treatment, take digital molds of teeth instead of goopy impressions, and visualize erupting teeth and developing jaws in 3-dimensions with a low-dose CBCT. “We even use precision diamond polishers to bring your teeth to their final stunning contour and shine, all included with your treatment,” adds Dr Nick. It’s all this, and more, that make Dr. Nick and Dr. Blair not only different, but your premier orthodontists in town.

Klepacki and Blair Orthodontics is located at 105 E. 1st Street in Hinsdale. For more information, call 630-325-0100 or visit Follow on Instagram at @klepackiblairorthodontics.



SPECIALTY: Hematology/Oncology EDUCATION: MD, Rush University; internship and residency, Rush University Medical Center; fellowship in hematology and oncology, Loyola University Health System; fellowship in integrative medicine, University of Arizona AWARDS/HONORS: AMITA Physician Integrity Award

Dr. Arti Lakhani, an oncologist at AMITA Health Medical Group, believes that when patients take an active role in their own personal wellbeing, it “transforms sick care into health care.” “I feel incredibly blessed to be able to provide support and guidance to my patients during such an intimate time in their lives,” adds Dr. Lakhani. While Dr. Lakhani treats a broad range of cancer patients, educating and empowering each individual remains her focus. “I firmly believe that optimal nutrition, activity, and mindset can make a big difference on disease outcomes and quality of life. My hope is for patients to understand they can not only live with cancer but thrive despite the difficult times.”


SPECIALTY: Gynecologic Oncology EDUCATION: MD, University of Iowa; residency, Rush University (OB/GYN); fellowship, gynecologic oncology, Wayne State University AWARDS/HONORS: CREOG Faculty Teaching Award (2018)

While the ongoing pandemic has shifted focus in many lives, the gynecologic oncology team at AMITA Health Medical Group has not lost sight on providing the best in care, close to home, at its Hinsdale cancer center. Dr. Stephanie Munns, a gynecologic oncologist with AMITA, says “We are continuing to operate, treat with chemotherapy and radiation, and manage patients throughout their treatment course without delays.” The medical center which boasts state-of-the-art equipment, implemented additional safety measures and continues to keep ahead of the curve to keep patients and visitors safe. With the extra measures in place, Dr. Munns feels strongly that patients should not let the pandemic stand in their way of superior care. “We have precautions and regulations in place that may limit visitors, but our overall care has not changed.”

AMITA Health Medical Group is located at 1 Salt Creek Lane, in Hinsdale. For more information, call 847-472-1992 or visit


SPECIALTY: Internal Medicine and Geriatrics EDUCATION: MD, University of Missouri, Kansas City Medical School; internal medicine residency, St. Joseph Medical Center, Chicago AWARDS/HONORS/DISTINCTIONS: American Academy of Home Care Physicians (ACHPE); American College of Physician Executives (AAHCP); American Society of Bariatric Physicians; Illinois State Medical Association; Indiana State Medical Association; American Medical Association; Indian Medical Association of Northwest Indiana

Soon after starting his career in internal medicine, Dr. Chirag Patel realized how important it was to take care of those living in senior care communities, independent living communities, assisted living centers, and nursing homes. “The senior population is growing and with that comes an increased understanding of their medical care,” says Dr. Patel, explaining that today, his Hansa Medical Groupe almost exclusively cares for patients in this senior category. “Caring for a senior patient requires time and effort, not only with the patient, but also with their family while working closely with facility staff.” Dr. Patel and his team also partner with other ancillary services that help their patients, including home health, pharmacies, medical equipment companies, and hospice. “This care coordination is vital for our patients’ outcomes and has been a great strength of our medical group,” he says, adding that caring for seniors during the recent pandemic has been especially stressful for families. “I feel that our group has brought the needed comfort and ease to them while providing great medical care. That’s why our group motto and goal for each senior is ‘to treat each patient like our own family’.”

Hansa Medical Groupe is located at 5250 Old Orchard Road, Suite 300, in Skokie. For more information, call 847-920-0902.

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SPECIALTY: Pediatric, Pregnancy, and Family Wellness EDUCATION: University of Wisconsin-Madison and Life University (Dr. Lauren Molinaro Shelton); Iowa State University and Life University (Dr. Weston Shelton) AWARDS/HONORS: Magna cum laude (Dr. Lauren Molinaro Shelton)

Root & Bloom Chiropractic in Clarendon Hills elevates health by providing families with the personalized care they need to reach their individual goals. “As International Chiropractic Pediatric Association-certified doctors who specialize in pediatric and family wellness, we support families through all the transitions, stress, and health challenges that can come along with pregnancy, postpartum, infancy, early childhood, and beyond,” explains Dr. Lauren Molinaro Shelton, who is joined at the practice by husband Dr. Weston Shelton. “We believe every family deserves to truly experience the joy and vitality of life without health challenges holding them back.” With advanced technology and a personalized, results-oriented approach, they measure the stress within the body and nervous system and determine the root cause of what is interfering with its ability to reach optimal health and wellbeing. “In a world that is inundated with all types of physical, chemical, and emotional stress, chiropractic care gives you the ability to adapt and overcome those stressors so that you and your family thrive,” explains Dr. Weston Shelton.

Root & Bloom Chiropractic is located at 140 Burlington Avenue in Clarendon Hills. For more information, call 630-537- 1781 or visit

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SPECIALTY: Optometrist EDUCATION: BS, University of Illinois; Bachelor of Vision Science and Doctor of Optometry, Illinois College of Optometry.

Dr. Carrie Roitstein’s integrative approach to vision combines eye health and wellness. At Glimpse Vision, Hinsdale’s premier optical boutique, patients receive a holistic approach to preventative eye care. With the latest screening technology and early diagnoses, management of eye disease can be initiated utilizing nontoxic product and nutritional solutions. As a family doctor, Dr. Roitstein draws attention to the increasing aging population with a focus towards the prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration as well as advancing technology in presbyopia correction. “Our younger population is utilizing technology more than ever, so we shift care towards myopia control, dry eyes, and reducing eyestrain,” she explains. Her expert optician partners also specialize in personalized services—combining exclusive, handmade curated eyewear collections from independent frame designers along with the most advanced optical lenses on the market. Together, Glimpse Vision can deliver made-to-order eyeglasses, custom contact lenses, nontoxic dry eye remedies, and premier customer service. Dr. Roitstein and her partners believe that eye health and vision are an integral part of wellbeing. “New technology and product advancements continue to be at the forefront for patients,” adds Dr. Roitstein.

Glimpse Vision is located at 12 E. First Street in Hinsdale and at 1205 N. Dearborn Street in Chicago. For more information, call 630-325- 2020 or visit


SPECIALTY: Mental health counseling services EDUCATION: Sarah Stukas is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a MS from Benedictine University and certifications in Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy and Rapid Resolution Therapy. Dr. Carol Schwerha is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, earning both her MA and PsyD in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, with a specialization in Family Therapy.

For more than 15 years, Life Insight has been a resource for the families of Hinsdale and surrounding areas, offering therapy to help with life stressors and improve relationships. Founded by Sarah Stukas, the team of 13 therapists and counselors at Life Insight works with people of all ages, providing guidance and tools to help manage the anxiety and changes their clients are experiencing. Now more than ever, people are feeling their emotions more intensely. Whether it is the loneliness of quarantine, the fear of getting sick, or the pressure that comes from balancing working from home while facilitating remote learning, Stukas, Clinical Director Dr. Carol Schwerha, and the team at Life Insight can help. Through fostering a space to talk about peoples’ experiences, they create an outlet to process feelings or concrete skills to help get people through each day. “Our mission has always been to be the first place that people call when life throws them a curveball,” says Stukas. “Whether we are the source of care or provider of a referral, we are here to help the families of our community. We have created a warm, home-like environment to welcome you at a time when you might feel a little uneasy. We will walk alongside you as you get closer to living the life you always envisioned for yourself. We say it all the time—we have the best jobs. We have the privilege of witnessing our clients transform into the best versions of themselves.”

Life Insight Therapy Collective is located at 115 S. Vine Street in Hinsdale. For more information, call 630-563-0044, email [email protected], or visit


SPECIALTY: Plastic surgery EDUCATION: Harvard Plastic Surgery, Yale Medical School Affiliate General Surgery AWARDS/HONORS: Castle Connolly Best Doctor

Dr. Gregory Turowski is one of a few double board-certified plastic surgeons—combining a European background with knowledge and technical expertise acquired through years of surgical training at the most prestigious Ivy League institutions. “Experience is key. I offer over 20 years and thousands of operations,” says Dr. Turowski, who has practiced in Chicago since 1998. He has built a reputation at New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery on compassion and a dedication to perfection. “Results, results, results … that is the only thing that matters,” he adds. “I have hundreds of before and after photos to prove it.” Dr. Turowski specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face and body, including rhinoplasties, natural mid and full facelifts, and “mommy makeovers.” He is also a renowned expert in performing endoscopic breast augmentation, offering breast enhancement without any breast scarring. “I regularly perform minimally invasive procedures such as internal breast lifts and endoscopic face and forehead lifts and I am proud to be a pioneer of robotic hair restoration,” Dr. Turowski adds. “My goal is to help you look the best you can look.”

New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Robotic Hair Transplantation Center is located at 9843 Gross Point Road in Skokie. For more information, call 847- 674-4646 or visit


SPECIALTY: Weight management (Dr. Naomi Parrella); Bariatric surgery (Dr. Benjamin Veenstra) EDUCATION: MD, Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine; family medicine residency, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital (Dr. Naomi Parrella). MD, Tulane University School of Medicine; general surgery residency Rush University Medical Center; minimally invasive surgery fellowship, Mayo Clinic of Florida (Dr. Benjamin Veenstra)

One size does not fit all when it comes to weight loss. At Rush, patients have access to a variety of treatment options, including nutrition counseling, personal training, health coaching and monitoring, and weight-loss surgery. The award-winning medical group boasts comprehensive lifestyle options that are available to people of all ages, and medical professionals offer supervised guidance and coaching every step of the way. Dr. Naomi Parrella is a double board-certified obesity medicine specialist who is committed to understanding her patients’ unique weight management needs—both physical and emotional—and works with patients to develop uniquely tailored programs. If a patient is interested in surgical options, Dr. Benjamin Veenstra is a bariatric surgeon who understands that bariatric surgery is more than just a procedure; it’s a lifestyle transformation, and he guides his patients through every step of the process. Both doctors are available to see patients at Rush Oak Brook, which is conveniently located in the heart of the Western suburbs and features comprehensive care, multiple specialties, and a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center.

Rush Oak Brook is located at 2011 York Road in Oak Brook. For more information , call 630-724-1300 or


SPECIALTY: Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry EDUCATION: BA, Augustana College (2002); BSD, University of Illinois at Chicago (2004); DDS, University of Illinois at Chicago (2006); General Practice Residency certificate, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center (2007) AWARDS/HONORS/DISTINCTIONS: Board of Directors, AES-Leaders in TMD, Occlusion, and Comprehensive Care; Active Member, American Academy of Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Adam R. Winckler has spent his entire career in dentistry—which includes seven years in the far Western Suburbs before opening a practice in Hinsdale six years ago—driving toward answering the question of “why?” It’s not just what happened or how it happened. Dr. Winckler believes it’s important to understand “why” in order to truly be comprehensive in his approach. He has continued to stay abreast of the latest advances in restorative dentistry, stemming from patient questions like, “Why did that cavity end up there? Why did that tooth break? Why do my teeth look like this? Why does my jaw hurt?” he says. “The pursuit of these answers led me to spend hundreds of hours in postgraduate education and study groups.” This advanced analysis and education allows him to identify, diagnose, and treat some of the most complex restorative dentistry cases. Dr. Winckler, who has received advanced post-graduate training through a hospital based residency, the prestigious Pankey Institute and through the Spear Center, is dedicated to two things—building lasting relationships and continuing education to provide the best health care possible through a comprehensive, complete approach. “This management of complexity as well as developing trusting relationships with patients has allowed me to establish the reputation that I have today,” explains Dr. Winckler, who in addition to being a restorative dentist, has a special interest in Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ or TMD) and Sleep Disorders (Sleep Apnea). “More than half of our new patients are referrals from physicians, dentists, and dental specialists.”

Adam R. Winckler DDS is located at 950 York Road, Suite 100, in Hinsdale. For more information, call 630-655-8815, email [email protected], or visit


SPECIALTY: Cardiology EDUCATION: MD, Hahnemann University Medical School; internal medicine residency, Hahnemann University Hospital; cardiology fellowship, Hahnemann University Hospital (Dr. Melissa Tracy). MD, Columbia University; internal medicine residency, University of Chicago; cardiology fellowship, Northwestern University Memorial Hospital; fellowship in cardiac electrophysiology, Northwestern University Memorial Hospital (Dr. Annabelle Santos Volgman) HONORS/AWARDS: Faculty Innovator Award, Department of Internal Medicine, Rush University Medical Center (2017); NIH special emphasis study group for R61/R33 Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (2018) (Dr. Melissa Tracy). Castle-Connolly Medical America’s Top Doctors (2012-2020); WomenHeart Wenger Award for Excellence in Innovation (2019); Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards (2020); American College of Cardiology Illinois Chapter Governor (2021-2023) (Dr. Annabelle Santos Volgman)

Dr. Melissa Tracy takes many things to heart, but most of all, the sacred Hippocratic Oath “to treat the ill to the best of one’s ability.” As a cardiologist at the Rush Heart Center for Women, which recently opened its newest location in Oak Brook, her mission to care for your heart as if it were her own. “During this pandemic, I’m here to treat,” says Dr. Tracy, who has served many roles on staff at Rush University Medical Center and is pleased to bring her practice to the new, state-of-the-art facility. The first heart program in Chicago devoted exclusively to women, the Rush Heart Center for Women was co-founded by Dr. Annabelle Santos Volgman in 2003. “For decades before 2000, heart disease treatments and research were mostly concentrated on men’s heart disease,” explains Dr. Volgman, who currently serves as medical director. “Heart disease in women was poorly understood. This changed when it was found that since 1984, more women than men were dying from cardiovascular disease.” While awareness about heart health for women has improved since the American Heart Association started the red dress campaign two decades ago, there is still much more to understand. Dr. Tracy, a specialist in non-invasive cardiology focusing on imaging, prevention, and women’s heart health, says that helping patients get a second chance with life gives her great fulfillment. “When patients meet me, they soon realize that I want to know them as a patient and as a person,” says Dr. Tracy, proud mother of Isabella 17, Tristan 13, and Quinn, 11. “Our visits are collaborative and transparent. We establish plans that the patient and their family are confident with.” Dr. Volgman shares Dr. Tracy’s excitement that these innovative, life-saving programs and services are now available in the Western Suburbs.

The Rush Heart Center for Women is located at 2011 York Road in Oak Brook. For more information, call 630-724-1300 or visit

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