Popular cosmetic treatments for 2020

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Celebrity nurse injector and owner of Harley Street Injectables and Skincycles skincare brand reveals the most popular non-invasive procedures requested by her A-list clients – from jawline contouring to non-surgical FOX EYES

Non-surgical jawline contouring


The procedure involves injections into the face with filler near specific areas of the jawline ‘to create more of a straight line and angle from the chin to right below the ear,’ Alice explains. This helps people achieve a more chiseled appearance along their jawline, and is popular with all age groups.

The use of injectable skin filler (dermal filler) has drastically altered the options available to individuals who wish to treat the effects of age, gravity and time on their face with minimal side effects. Dermal fillers can contour, highlight and rejuvenate facial shapes and accentuate features. For individuals that do not wish to have surgical procedures, injectable skin filler may offer significant results using minimally invasive techniques.


The procedure to create this look depends on the clients face shape. If the client and her face shape is quite square with an enlarged Masseter muscle she might like to try jaw slimming with Botox and some chin filler to add projection to create a more defined jaw. Conversely if the client’s jaw is very narrow with not much definition then filler would be a good option for this client.

Non-surgical cheek augmentation

Cheek augmentation gives clients the high cheekbones they covet on models or other superstars. While some people achieve the prominent bone structure from genetics, others can purchase the results through fillers.


Henshaw said she likes to create a bone structure that goes all the way back along the cheek by injecting ‘micro-droplet filler injections’ at different layers of the cheek.  ‘By doing this, it makes the cheekbone appear higher and more elongated. I use different products customised to each person for the most natural results,’ she said.  

Alice revealed the procedure is a favorite among his clients because of the ‘minimal bruising’, allowing them to be pictured in public the next day.  The procedure will cost between £375 to  £1500 depending on the filler the client selects and how long it lasts.


Fox eyes

The procedure gives the appearance of someone having a lift along their eyes to slant them upwards towards the hairline, similar to that of cat eyes or Bella Hadid. To achieve the look, Alice discusses the various techniques that can be used. Botox can be used to create a lift lateral to the brow in some candidates.

‘Then, I also may add volume underneath the eyes using fillers to create more support and lift them up. In some cases, I may put fillers near the hairline for more of a lift too,’ she said.

HIFU High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), is the new must-have technology that heats the tissues below the deeper layers of the skin, causing it to contract and tighten.


This enables the health and vitality of the skin to improve and become uplifted in just one session! This is great for people who want to see instant, long lasting results without endless trips back to the treatment practise.


Harley Street Injectables is one of few clinics in the UK to offer the revolutionary non-surgical Thermage CPT skin tightening treatment. Non surgical facelift – Thermage by Harley Street Injectables For the first time, women and men seeking a more youthful face lifting appearance have the option of an aesthetic procedure that does not require invasive surgery, chemicals, needles or lasers.


The Thermage treatment has been described as a Non-Surgical Facelift and is recognised for its body skin tightening results. Thermage treatments start at £2200.

Non-surgical lip augmentation

Lip fillers rose into popularity after Kylie Jenner confessed to getting her lips done after months of speculation. Alice says “ I could not give people the exact same look as the reality star because everyones’ anatomy is different. Many people come here and asked me to do their lips exactly the way I did Kylie’s,” she said.


“Whether your’s are thin or more naturally plump, if you respect the anatomy of the face they can always look a little bit better.’  She added her biggest pet peeve was when people “make their lips too big and they’re protruding out of their face,” a look that has since been coined as duck lips.

Alice Henshaw likes to slowly pump the lips with filler over the course of a few months to instead create a more natural appearance that balances the face.  She is renowned for her natural results with lip filler and has been crowned the “london lip queen”.



The Luxury Aqua Gold Super Facial –  The luxury Aqua Gold Super Facial is a 24-carat gold medical facial device designed to deliver a bespoke blend of skincare, favoured by Hollywood elite including Kim Kardashian and super-models that want to achieve an effortless glow.

It is also one of the favoured treatments for celebrities before attending the annual Met Gala to ensure they are looking red carpet ready – there is no such thing as a bad angle after this treatment.

This new revolutionary luxury micro- infusion delivery mechanism is a patented innovative device made to provide a truly remarkable customised facial treatment to the surface of the skin and the deeper layers of the skin to improve skin tone – CE marked and FDA approved. We have three specially formulated skin boosting cocktails we can infuse through the device to the face and neck, which are bespoke to Harley Street Injectables.


Celebrity injector Alice Henshaw has created three specially formulated cocktails for you to choose, the final solution being bespoke to your requirements. Whether your concerns are dry, dull skin or oily, acne prone skin, we can help you achieve the desired results by tailoring the treatment to your specific areas of concern.

Stem Cell Facial

Introducing the first bespoke facial to give you hydration, rejuvenation, and brightening that will last up to a year. The stem cell facial created by celebrity injector Alice Henshaw is now available exclusively at our London clinic.

The stem cell facial consists of five treatments that will last up to 12 months and is the ideal treatment choice for the following purposes: cosmetic skin lightening; skin discolouration, acne scarring, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, various forms of hyper-pigmentation, including melasma and significant UV damage in fairer skin types. The treatment provides intense hydration of the skin and plumps fine lines and wrinkles, it also revitalises dry and dehydrated skin and will help reverse sun damage skin, additionally the appearance of stretch marks, burns and scars can appear reduced.


Why waste your time doing weekly facials when this three-hour treatment has been scientifically proven to give you a year’s worth of glowing fresher skin?

Favoured by many celebs, this treatment is a little bit of luxury that gives you time to relax and focus on yourself.

This procedure is a great choice for people that don’t want to spend the time every week caring for their skin and only want to maintain a simple skin care routine with a minimal amount of trusted, loved skincare products.

This treatment has long lasting effects for a treatment that only takes 3 hours out of your day. It is a great opportunity to sit back and relax and treat yourself to glowing, glamorous celebrity skin that maintains its radiance all year round. This facial cost is £2500 and the results last up to one year.


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