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Plastic Surgery Trends According to Two NYC Experts

Plastic Surgery Trends According to Two NYC Experts


Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer opened the Shafer Clinic in a four-story penthouse complex on top of 535 Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in early 2020. Boasting a wraparound sky terrace with panoramic skyline views, the vast, modern space boasts treatment and operating rooms as far as the eye can see. “It was a much larger space than I had intended, but I decided to take the plunge,” says Dr. Shafer. “I purposely designed the office with oversized halls and rooms and open space, so social distancing is very easy to accomplish in our office. Some patients even opt to have treatments outdoors. Nothing beats having Botox injections on a penthouse terrace overlooking the city.” Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue offers the full range of plastic surgery and dermatological offerings, and its Skin+Laser Lab offers an impressive collection of the latest laser
and other energy-based devices. Madonna’s favorite aesthetician, Edyta Jarosz, has joined the practice as well; book her signature LED/OxyLight Therapy facial.

Recently, Dr. Shafer brought on his friend and colleague, board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon Dr. Dendy Engelman, into his practice to round out the Clinic’s offerings. “Dr. Engelman and I met several years ago teaching for Allergan,” says Dr. Shafer. “She brings enormous dermatology, dermatological surgery and laser experience to the practice.”

We talked to Dr. Shafer and Dr. Engelman about the face and body trends they are seeing this winter.

A treatment room at the new Shafer Clinic

A treatment room at the new Shafer Clinic

He Said:

What are the most requested plastic surgeries right now?

Face surgeries such as facelift, neck liposuction, buccal fat pad excisions and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) are in highest demand right now. Tomorrow, we have three facelifts scheduled in one day. People are spending much more time staring into the camera and seeing their appearance for hours on end during video chats. While the typical facelift patient is generally in their fifties or sixties, we are seeing younger people requesting the procedure.

Why is working from home making elective plastic surgery more palatable?

Patients seem to have less hesitation about downtime, since they have to wear a mask anyway and don’t have to take time off of work. They could have breast implants on Thursday and be on a Zoom call on Friday and no one would even know.

What are you seeing as the big trends for 2021?

We have seen a boost in noninvasive body treatments such as CoolSculpting to freeze fat, Emsculpt to build muscle and Lumenis NuEra Tight radiofrequency to tighten skin.

She Said:

What are the most requested treatments and procedures right now?

Things to combat stress breakouts and maskne. Many patients—even ones who were not struggling before—have come to me to help manage their breakouts. I’ve also seen a huge uptick in injectables like Botox, Kybella and filler for the eyes, neck and jawline.

What made you decide to partner with Dr. Shafer?

It’s really a holistic approach to aesthetics. Whether you need medical dermatology, skin cancer surgery, laser treatments, noninvasive or surgical body contouring or aesthetic surgery, you only have to visit one clinic. Dr. Shafer and I consult on patient cases throughout the day and share a lot of patients so we can best address their needs.

What are you seeing as the big trends for 2021?

The new-to-market Lumenis NuEra Tight machine which uses focal radiofrequency to thicken the skin, improve texture and improve skin strength. I’m really excited about it.


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