Plastic surgery industry seeing a big spike in customers


Many businesses like movie theaters and bars have been hit hard by shutdowns caused by the pandemic, but one industry is profiting thanks to so many having to teleconference from home.

According to a new article post in the online magazine Entrepreneur, the plastic surgery industry is seeing a big spike in customers.

It’s mostly due to all the virtual meetings that are being conducted on zoom and other conferencing programs.

People are literally coming face to face with their fears after seeing themselves portrayed in high resolution video feeds.

A survey featured in the journal ‘Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine’ shows that more than 55-percent were stressed or anxious about what their face looks like on camera, and that more than 40-percent who had never undergone any plastic surgery were now considering it.

The article says most people were worried about things like acne breakouts, dark circles under their eyes, as well as skin texture problems like crow’s feet.


The American Society of Plastic Surgeons say the most asked-for treatments include Botox, breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks. Experts say there are still non-surgical ways to make yourself look better on camera.

Simple things like a better angle, better lighting, and even using some light filters can go a long way. Thanks to ever increasing resolution, screens can have a way of pointing things out that other people usually don’t see.

As always talk to your doctor before considering any kind of cosmetic surgery or procedure.

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