Plastic surgery: Chinese actress Gao Liu necrosis warn about plastic surgery, share plenti fotos of how e damage her


Plastic surgery: Chinese actress Gao Liu necrosis

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di tissue for di end of Gao Liu’s nose die afta di plastic surgery

Plastic surgery before and after wahala make one Chinese actress, Gao Liu warn pipo about di dangers of cosmetic surgery and share plenti picture of her damaged nose afta di operation.

Gao Liu na singer and actress wey don feature for plenti films and TV programmes. Pipo dey see her as rising star but she no dey too reign again recently.

Di actress post for popular social media platform Sina Weibo and explain say di reason why she dey absence since on social media, na because of “cosmetic surgical”, wey lead to “necrosis of di nose,” meaning say tissue for di tip of di nose don die.

Di [Plastic surgery] fotos wey you wan see next dey too bad

Gao Liu share some fotos with her five million followers, and dis lead to serious discussions about cosmetic surgery, wey dey very popular in China.

She tok say for October, one of her friend introduce her to one plastic surgeon for one clinic inside southern city of Guangzhou.

Di actress say she come decide to go ahead with di surgery for her nose sake of di advise wey she get to just “trim di nose small” and she bin think say dis go help her career.

“Di entire surgery last four hours. I come dey feel say for dis four hours, I go come become more beautiful,” Gao Liu tell her followers.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Gao Liu nose damage afta her cosmetic surgery

Wetin we call dis foto,

Chinese internet users react in surprise to Gao Liu fotos

“I no expect say dis four hours go be di beginning of my nightmare.”

Gao Liu tok say afta di operation, her nose go dey “irritated and dey scratch her” plus later come dey get infection, even though di doctor tell her say she go dey able to go back to work by December or January.

“Di skin for di tip of my nose… become darker and darker, and my nose become necrotic,” she tok

She add say dis experience worry her sotey she come dey think of suicide.

Actress Gao say at di end of day, dem rush her go hospital wia she dey on admission for two months and she don lost 400,000 yuan ($61,800; £45,200) for work.

She tok say e no go dey possible for her to do follow-up, reconstructive surgery for at least one year, because of di way her nose don damage well-well.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Gao Liu go need to wait for years before she go fit undergo reconstructive surgery

Popular news website The Paper don share public data from di Tianhe District Health Bureau inside di city, wey show di clinic wia dem treat Gao Liu necrosis and already dem don receive five administrative penalties between March and October 2020. E no dey clear which rules di clinic disobey.

Plenti pipo don carry dia complaints go give di bureau about di clinic since Gao Liu post and share her experience, according to di Paper.

Investigation don dey go on ontop dis mata.

For social media, some pipo don hala say make authorities hold those wey dey involve for Ms Gao cosmetic surgery responsible. While odas don demand for beta regulation for China cosmetics injury.

Cosmetic surgery dey very popular inside China sotey for 2004, di kontri host one beauty pageant for those wey don do plastic surgery. Na young pipo report say dey do dis surpery well-wel.

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