Plastic Surgery Boom in Albania During Pandemic – Exit

Plastic Surgery Boom in Albania During Pandemic
Plastic surgery is on the rise in Albania, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clinical psychologist Jorida Zegali told AFP that in this era of communication, people want to look good for others, as well as feel better about themselves. She said this has prompted a growing number of people to look to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures to alter their appearance.

The most popular interventions and those that are on the increase are Botox injections and facelifts. The third and fourth most popular are breast and buttock enlargements. It was noted that many feel more comfortable with getting work done on their faces such as botox, fillers, and facelifts as surgical masks hide the scars in public.

Sadly, some have fallen victim to unlicensed operators. Brunilda Bardhi, President of the Albanian Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology said there are a number of beauty parlors that are operating without a license or authorization to do so. These places are using chemicals and equipment which should only be operated by licensed and specialist medical professionals.

But this increase is not just something that is happening in Albania. In Europe and further afield in North America, plastic surgeons have noted a swell of new and repeat customers.

They put increased demand down to people being home, bored, and having more time to scrutinize their appearances. Also spending hours using video conferencing software such as Zoom and seeing themselves on a screen has led to increased insecurities.

Non-invasive procedures like lip fillers, fillers, and botox are also increasing due to the lower cost and the ease of the procedure.

Professionals suggest using microcurrent therapy machine for those who afraid of injections.

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