Plastic surgeon warns against surgery addiction, answers burning questions


Two years ago, Keri Miller went for her breast augmentation surgery and she’s been reflecting a lot on it lately. 

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She documented the whole journey and shared every step of the way, even her scars. 

She has been very open about the fact that it has changed her life dramatically and it has even affected the lives of others, who were so inspired by her journey, that it gave them the power to overcome their fears and insecurities.

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Now, all these years after the surgery, Keri has become very curious about the other aspects of plastic surgery.

And who better to ask a bunch of cosmetic surgery-related questions to than a plastic surgeon?

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She called up Dr Paul McGarr, who is an incredibly talented and respected plastic surgeon, and asked him all the questions she’s been itching to know the answers to.

Did you know you could get calf implants? Has anyone ever woken up on the table during a procedure?

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