Home Facial Treatments People Over 60 Are Saying This Anti-Aging Spot Treatment Is the ‘Best They’ve Ever Tried’

People Over 60 Are Saying This Anti-Aging Spot Treatment Is the ‘Best They’ve Ever Tried’

People Over 60 Are Saying This Anti-Aging Spot Treatment Is the ‘Best They’ve Ever Tried’



6 Innovative Sheet Masks That Don’t Go Straight In The Trash

Who doesn’t love a good sheet mask? They’re fun, relaxing, and packed with serums that make our skin look like we went to the spa, when in reality we spent an evening on the couch drinking tea. The only problem is that, like other single-use products, they’re difficult or impossible to recycle. Rather than give up one of our favorite self-care rituals, some brands have found a better way: Say hello to reusable silicone face masks.These masks are designed to be worn on top of your favorite topical products. They’re washable and can be re-used indefinitely. Because the masks themselves don’t contain the serum that comes with the cotton or plastic alternatives, one mask alone is multi-use: Pop it over a moisturizing hyaluronic acid serum one day, and a brightening vitamin C formula the next.But how does this work? Well, silicone doesn’t absorb products. Instead, it creates a closed space for your skin care to really sink in by minimizing evaporation. According to the instructions for most silicone masks, after applying your serum, moisturizer, or eye cream — whatever you want your skin to drink up — wear the mask for anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes. The full face masks are designed with loops on the side to go around your ears, so you might find they feel even more secure than your favorite single-use masks. Once you’re done, simply rinse the mask with warm water and soap, pat dry, and store until next time.Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite silicone face and under-eye masks, ranging anywhere from $8 to $30, to help make your beauty routine that much more sustainable. At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission. Dieux Forever Eye MaskPromising to be the “last eye mask you’ll ever need,” this buzzy (and therefore frequently sold-out) mask comes in a cute case so you can take keep them in peak condition forever.Dieux Forever eye mask, $, available at DieuxHonest Beauty Reusable Magic Silicone Sheet MaskThis mask from Jessica Alba’s clean beauty line will help you make the most of your serums and leave your skin feeling dewy.The Honest Company Reusable Magic Silicone Sheet Mask, $, available at The Honest CompanySiO BrowLift Sparkle PatchIf you’ve been looking for a wrinkle-targeting mask, SiO has you covered — literally. The brand makes reusable masks for each part of your face (and some of your body) that can be worn overnight for maximum impact, and this one is sparkly. What’s not to love?SiO SiO BrowLift Sparkle Patch, $, available at SiOSephora Collection Keep On Masking Face Mask HolderThis Sephora pick is hands down the most affordable reusable mask we’ve come across so far — practically the same price as some single-use sheets.Sephora Collection Keep on Masking Face Mask Holder, $, available at SephoraExperiment Avant Guard MaskPromising hydrated, glowy skin “without the price, drippy mess, and problematic waste,” this mask comes in two sizes for the perfect fit.Avant Guard AVANT GUARD, $, available at Doing ExperimentsNurse Jamie Face WrapThis face mask is designed to adhere to the contours of the face, locking in all the moisture your skin craves, especially during these dry winter months.Nurse Jamie Face Wrap Skin Perfecting Silicone Mask, $, available at RevolveLike what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?I Threw Out All Of My Products For Better SkinAre Facial Tools Worth The Money?January Jones Dropped Her $3,409 Skin-Care Routine


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