Olivia Culpo Says She’s Currently “Obsessed” with These Skin-Care Products


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If you’ve ever perused Olivia Culpo’s Instagram, there’s approximately a one in five chance you’ve stopped on one of her selfies, dropped your jaw, and thought to yourself, How does she get her skin looking so damn good? 

Thanks to one of her latest Instagram Stories, you’ll no longer have to guess. The model, actor, and Shape cover star took to the social media platform to reveal her “current obsessions” in the skin-care realm, including a pimple cream, toner, under-eye mask, and body lotion. And after investigating each product’s ingredients, her smooth and glowing skin makes total sense.

As for treatments that zap zits fast, Culpo turns to the Anna Guanche MD Miracle Cream (Buy It, $24, amazon.com), a topical pimple cream that the model called “amazing.” Created by celebrity dermatologist and beauty expert Anna Guanche, M.D., the acne treatment contains 10 percent sulfur, an ingredient used to dry out acne and fight off bacteria. To ensure the cream doesn’t suck all the moisture out of skin, the formula also contains a hydrating, lightweight blend of squalane, glycerin, and shea butter. The result: Smaller pimples, reduced redness, itch relief, and oil-free skin, according to Dr. Guanche. (Related: The Best Acne Spot Treatments to Get Rid of a Pimple Fast)

To cleanse and brighten, Culpo applies Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V 1970 (Buy It, $145, amazon.com), a toner for dry, acne-prone skin that has a laundry list of benefits, such as providing exfoliation, hydration, *and* pH balance. The gentle treatment gets its oomph from a powerful combination of niacinamide to moisturize, soothe, and treat acne; vinegar to adjust the skin’s pH levels; lactic acid to smooth and plump, and salicylic acid to clear out pores. 

Capping off Culpo’s round-up of her go-to facial products is the James Cosmetics Restore Eye Mask (Buy It, $30, jamescosmetics.com). The jade green patches are designed to brighten and soothe your under-eye area after a few late nights out, getting the job done with the help of retinol, which stimulates collagen and speeds cell turnover (hello, radiant, smooth skin), and hyaluronic acid, which pulls water into skin. The delicate under-eye area will also score a dose of grape seed extract to relieve inflammation and plum seed extract to hydrate.

And based on her inclusion of the Kayo Body Beautiful Creme (Buy It, $42, dermstore.com), Culpo isn’t one to let her below-the-neck skin-care routine fall to the wayside, either. The luxurious body lotion is formulated with hyaluronic acid to hydrate, coconut oil to lock in moisture, and CoEnzymeQ10, an antioxidant that fights off the free radicals that can lead to hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. After massaging the cream into your parched skin, you’ll not only look and feel dewy, but you’ll also smell like a tropical oasis thanks to the vanilla and coconut notes.

Ready to achieve glowing, breakout-free skin from head to toe? Drop Culpo’s beauty picks to your shopping cart, stat. And if you’re looking to build a strong AF core just like the model, she’s got a 20-minute workout to help you feel your best on the inside, too.

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