New Laser Hair Removal Technician Joins Beauty Clinic

New Laser Hair Removal Technician Joins Beauty Clinic

Burghfield, Feb. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Burghfield, England –

UK based Reading Cosmetic Laser is pleased to announce that Olivia Popham has joined their team as a professional cosmetic laser technician. Since her arrival, the clinic’s ability to serve all their community’s cosmetic needs has seen a dramatic improvement. Learn more about Olivia, professional laser hair removal technician, via the clinic’s official website.

Manager at Reading Cosmetic Laser Louisa Muston states, “We are thrilled that Olivia has joined our team as she brings a wealth of experience in the beauty industry. She has a lot of experience with cosmetic lasers and is passionate about making her clients feel wonderful.”

According to Muston, the clinic has been experiencing a steady increase in demand in recent months, with clients coming from far and wide to consult with their team. She attributes this increase to recent lockdowns and people wanting to feel their best now that they are able to rekindle their work and social lives after being at home for extended periods. While the team at Reading Cosmetic Laser has been hard at work meeting this demand with their customary cheer and practical nature, they were fast approaching a point where there would simply be too many clients for them to deal with. One of their main concerns, in fact, was that their standard of service may drop if they attempted to accommodate too many appointments each day.

The clinic’s answer was to seek out an experienced technician for one of their most popular services, cosmetic laser treatments, and their hunt eventually led to them discovering Popham. News from Reading Cosmetic Laser is regularly shared on the beauty clinic’s blog space, and Popham says in a recent update, “I have been in the beauty industry for many years and have found a deep enjoyment in laser hair removal and the confidence and happiness it brings to my guests on a daily basis. My primary goal at our fantastic Reading laser hair removal centre, is to make everyone ‘body confident’ and to love the skin that they are in! I have a particular interest in skincare and hair removal, so that led me to now being a laser therapist here at Reading Cosmetic Laser. I look forward to working with you and making you feel fabulous!”

Laser hair removal is an effective way for people to get rid of unwanted body hair on a long-term basis. While shaving leads to hair coming back in a matter of days, this treatment is known to last for years. Depending on the skin type in question, a client may visit Reading Cosmetic Laser between 4-8 times for a laser hair removal session, following which they will have the soft, smooth and hairless skin they have always wanted. Many also find this method superior to waxing, especially due to the fact that the clinic’s laser hair removal is both fast and painless. This technology works on all skin types and shades, and the clinic asserts that clients can have hair removed from virtually any part of their body.

Muston encourages the community to contact the office today to book a free, painless hair removal consultation and patch test. The patch test is implemented out of an abundance of caution, she explains, since there is very little likelihood of the laser affecting anyone negatively. However, she acknowledges that it does serve one crucial purpose: it can help those new to the treatment try it out before fully committing themselves. Muston and the team at Reading Cosmetic Laser are confident anyone who gives laser hair removal a try will never want to try anything else again. If they book an appointment today, there is also a strong chance that they will get to meet Olivia Popham in person.

Those looking for skin rejuvenation, thread vein removal and more in addition to laser hair removal in Reading Berkshire are welcome to contact Andrew Green of Reading Cosmetic Laser to schedule their next appointment with the veteran beauty clinic. Clients will be able to look up more information on each service on the clinic’s website as well, and they are encouraged to follow Reading Cosmetic Laser on social media to stay up to date with their latest news, announcements and offers.


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