Nano Shield the Ultimate Solution for Protection Car Exterior


Nano Shield the graphene protection your vehicle needs.

The problems that Nano Shield Addresses:

Scratches from dust and sand, abrasion, and corrosion are inevitable on the road.
Harsh weather conditions, including sunburn, are quite normal too. Nano Shield offers the best available protection from these hazards.

The Solution that Nano Shield Offers:

NANOSHIELD™ offers lasting protection against scratches and the effect of aging, sun, and harsh weather on cars, bikes, trucks, boats, and caravans

What is Nano Shield:

NANOSHIELD™ is a three-layer formula, which protects all of your precious vehicles from scratches, harmful chemicals, weather conditions, and corrosion.

The secret to our new easy-to-apply sprayable coating is in the synergy of the main components. The huge breakthrough of our R&D team is taming the wild electrons of GRAPHENE into a stable two-dimensional mesh fused perfectly with the ceramic and silicone agents, creating the perfect protection for your vehicles and recreational gear. You can use it to protect your car, bike, boat, aircraft, RV, and ATV.

SILICONE: The first layer adds anti-corrosion and anti-aging properties, by a blend of UV protection and Water Repellent agents. It structurally holds the molecules of the other two layers together for a longer period of time, creating a perfect protective chemical shield.

NANO CERAMIC COATING: Forms the second layer of the surface you want to protect. It bonds with the factory paint or coat by filling in any scratches or imperfections adding extra smoothness and shine. It not only makes surfaces smoother and shinier but adds the first protection layer against salt and harmful chemicals used in most carwashes.

GRAPHENE CARBON: The third layer is formed by a 2D hexagon mesh only 1 atom thick, but as its over 200 times stronger than structural steel it’s enough to add extra tough scratch protecting capabilities to your coating. Graphene is 97.3% transparent, so it wouldn’t change the color or make it look duller. Graphene is the only material that has the property to regenerate itself, which means that if the hexagonal structure gets cut or damaged, it repairs itself in seconds.

Key Benefits:

– A single bottle of Nano Shield will provide treatment of a normal-sizedsedan two times
– A well-treated vehicle is well protected for up to 60 washing cycles
– A better protection than any other product out there

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