Modern Breast Augmentation Procedures Now Available In Newport Beach – Press Release


Dr. Aaron Kosins, a plastic surgeon based in California, is pleased to offer Newport Beach breast augmentation services to local clientele. Dr. Kosins is known for being up-to-date with plastic surgery techniques and principles, a practice that allows him to provide patients a wide range of modern procedures.

Breast augmentation procedures form a major part of the clinic’s plastic surgery efforts. To quote Dr. Kosins, “Excellent surgery of the breast begins with an understanding of what a beautiful breast looks like. While surgery and techniques can be taught to anyone during their surgical training, I am not sure that the concept of a pretty looking breast can. It has been my experience that different women have very different ideas of what they would like their breasts to look like after surgery.” Dr. Kosins’ main purpose with the procedure is to understand the patient’s preferences in terms of size, incision placement and overall look of the breast while retaining a natural appearance. Once their needs are clear, the clinic will discuss the appropriate procedures and how to achieve the patient’s goals for their appearance.

The clinic offers Natrelle® Breast Implants to their patients. These breast implants were recently made available in the United States, and Dr. Kosins states that he has had excellent results using them. The range of implants boasts a variety of gel types and shapes — which have in turn helped boost the options the clinic can offer their patients. Every woman is unique, and the Natrelle® Gel implants offer multiple sizes and shapes (all of which are designed for a soft feel). While these implants are more expensive, they can provide a more pleasing appearance and also offer long-term durability for a large percentage of patients. To quote Aaron Kosins MD, “I am pleased to offer Natrelle® as part of my ongoing pursuit of excellent results for my patients.”

The end goal for all patients is to ensure the optimal natural appearance. Dr. Kosins takes great care to balance one’s natural tissue when choosing the right model of implant. The clinic also prioritizes the discussion of options and long-term care with the patients in order to help them make an informed decision about the procedure.

The clinic offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures to their clientele, one of the more popular of which is Rhinoplasty. There are several different procedures offered within the scope of Rhinoplasty — Preservation Rhinoplasty is one such procedure offered by the clinic. It is a new chapter in rhinoplasty history, and Dr. Kosins, alongside Dr. Rollin Daniel, coined the term. They have also co-authored a journal article, titled ‘Decision Making in Preservation Rhinoplasty: A 100 Case Series With One-Year Follow-Up.’

In certain cases, the standard teaching of reduce and rebuild can be replaced with preserve and reshape. The procedure is composed of three main steps: by elevating the skin sleeve in a unique surgical plane called the subperichondrial-subperiosteal plane, by preserving the bridge of the nose (the bone and cartilage dorsum), and through maintaining the tip (alar) cartilages with minimal excision while achieving the desired shape using sutures. Learn more here:

Dr. Kosins graduated from the University of California where he studied Business Administration while completing his Pre-Med qualifications. He has also completed a dual Medical Degree (M.D.) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine and Paul Merage School of Business, respectively. After working for biotechnology companies for several years, in the field of finance, he returned to the University of California, Irvine, to complete the renowned Integrated Plastic Surgery program. Dr. Kosins continues to further his craft in order to offer his patients the most current and advanced treatment available. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Kosins’ dedication to his craft and the wellbeing of his patients is clearly seen in the many positive reviews of the clinic. Christine Koala states in her 5-Star Google review, “Fantastic plastic surgeon and expert on rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Would recommend him to anyone looking for the best plastic surgeon in Orange County. Five stars all the way! Also, his staff is wonderful, and they make you feel like you are part of the family. Very professional.”

To learn more about Dr. Kosins, one may visit his official website. The clinic can also be contacted via phone or email.


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