Miami resort offers touchless wellness services


An all-suite, oceanfront property in Miami Beach, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is home to a 70,000-sq.-ft. spa. It is also home to a recently launched touchless wellness service menu featuring Prism Light Pod red-light therapy, Vibragenix’s No Sweat Workout and more.

The resort has also opened a retail store offering an exclusive collection of hi-tech products and services available for purchase for at-home wellness. The 150-suite property partnered with wellness entrepreneurs from around the world to launch the new offerings, and the store is the only destination in the U.S. to experience and purchase the touchless therapies and products in one place.

Touchless may be the buzzword during the time of the pandemic, but the idea of offering contactless wellness experiences was conceived even before COVID-19 cases started to spike.

“We began discussing the creation of touchless wellness services at the spa in early 2020 as an opportunity to offer guests access to the latest cutting-edge services and therapies from around the world in one place,” said Tammy Pahel, VP of spa & wellness operations. “This initiative took on a whole new meaning when the pandemic hit, and provided an amazing solution to traditional touch services like massage and body treatments.”

Each of the touchless services addresses a range of issues from sleep health, anxiety, muscle recovery, weight loss and respiratory health, as well as mental and spiritual wellness. Guests, residents (the property has a residential tower) and locals can all take advantage of the services. Individual and series packages are available.

“The touchless wellness program has added a new dimension to the Carillon Miami spa experience that embraces innovation in healing through technology,” said Pahel. “Through this new division, our clients have access to new result-driven therapies that can address their physical, mental and spiritual health concerns with limited outside touch. Now more than ever, innovation is crucial to offering the finest spa experience.”

The services include the aforementioned Prism Light Pod red light therapy, where red and near-infrared light waves are absorbed deep within the skin, muscles, tissue, joints and body cells to soothe joint pain; reduce chronic pain and inflammation; improve skin conditions and anti-aging; and support weight loss. Vibragenix’s No Sweat Workout uses sonic vibration, achieving a similar response in the body that a person would get from doing an hour of cardiovascular exercise.

The other available touchless services are Pure Wave Vemi vibroacoustic electromagnetic and infrared therapy; Halotherapy Solutions’ Breathe + Detox Suite halo infrared therapy; The Rasha’s Mind Harmony; and Spa Wave by Gharieni’s Vibrational & Sound Therapy for the Essential Powernap.

Pahel noted that the resort has received great feedback on the services so far, with The Rasha, Prism Light & Pod and Vemi being “big hits.”

“The Vemi and Rasha are both great for stress relief,” she said. “The Vemi grounds the body and eliminates the effects caused by electro-smog radiation, and recharges and detoxifies all the cells in the body, balancing all the body systems for ultimate rejuvenation. After a 25-minute session, you leave feeling refreshed and a total sense of calm. The Rasha, which harmonizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain through vibrational frequency relieves stressors and supports relaxation, cellular detoxification and healing from stress.”

The retail store was the next logical step for the resort since guests were interested to find and purchase new wellness products for them to use at home.

“Following the amazing response from the touchless wellness services, we wanted to create the next phase to bring wellness into every home,” said Pahel. “We are able to offer our clients new ways to elevate their health journey right at home with groundbreaking brands across the spa industry. In addition to consumers, the retail store is also an opportunity for other spas and businesses to purchase the technology for professional use. We take pride in being a connector within our industry and using our facilities as a destination for innovative brands and companies to come together and reach both consumers and other potential business partners.”

Among the products available at the store are Bryte, an AI-enabled restorative bed; Nollapelli healing pillowcases and bed linens; HaloPocke, the smallest, commercial-grade halogenerator for halotherapy treatment; and the Avacen pain relief system.

Pahel also pointed out that Carillon Miami Wellness Resort will soon become a new home for The Biostation, a wellness and age management center with five other locations in South Florida and one in St. Thomas.

“This partnership will expand our offerings to entail integrative medicine and holistic wellness, along with on-site COVID-19 rapid testing,” she said. “Additionally, the resort has launched a series of partnerships with technology and health companies in light of COVID-19 and to provide guests with the utmost care and comfort while staying at the property. This includes being one of the first resorts to become Sharecare Health Security Verified, recognizing the property’s advanced measures and protocols taken throughout the resort, and a new partnership with Applied Silver Inc to incorporate SilvaClean into the housekeeping protocols and washing all of the property’s linens with the cutting-edge solution which kills and eliminates any traces of COVID-19 from the materials.”

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