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Mia Khalifa’s Surprising Plastic Surgery Transformation

Mia Khalifa’s Surprising Plastic Surgery Transformation


Mia Khalifa‘s lived an eventful few years since swiftly leaving the adult film industry. Her story about her experience in the industry pulled back the curtain on some of the business practices and how only a few months in front of a camera can affect your entire life. Khalifa is still working to have her old videos and images removed from various sites online, earning support from fans with the #JusticeForMia hashtag on social media.

The former actress also shared that she received a new new nose in the past year, a $15,000 investment in herself that made the nose smaller through a scarless procedure. According to TMZ, the procedure was done by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Deepak Dugar. Khalifa shared a look at her nose and praised Dugar on Instagram, with TMZ adding some looks at the nose without the bandages.

“THIS IS THE REAL RE-BRAND,” the former adult actress wrote on Instagram. “[Dr. Deepak Dugar] just changed my life and I couldn’t be happier or more ready for 75+ people to stare at my side profile at my wedding…P.S. being transparent about this was never a question. Do not idolize the women you see on social media and base your self worth on comparisons that are unrealistic. If you’ve ever looked at my boobs and wished yours look like that, please remember mine are made out of the same material as the spatula in your kitchen drawer.”

Dugar shared looks at the new nose on his Instagram account, using the procedure and Khalifa as a selling point for the procedure. The pair of videos posted by Dugar highlighted “the concepts of beauty” and the stigma that surrounds plastic surgery.

According to TMZ, the nose job was a long time in the making. Khalifa reportedly has wanted to address her nose since age 14 and considered it one of her significant insecurities. With her Instagram post, she celebrated the successful procedure and how it will change her wedding day. She also made clear that she only wanted to “soften” her nose, not ditch her “strong, middle eastern nose.”

Khalifa is engaged to chef Robert Sandberg, with the pair celebrating their anniversary together earlier in June. While there is still a lot of work to be done for the former adult performer, it seems that the tides are changing and Khalifa speaking out has helped make it a more comfortable conversation.


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