Mesilla Clinic Gets Shoutout From Actress Kate Bosworth | New Mexico News

Mesilla Clinic Gets Shoutout From Actress Kate Bosworth | New Mexico News

By LEAH ROMERO, Las Cruces Sun-News

MESILLA, N.M. (AP) — As more movie productions come to the Las Cruces area for filming, so do actors who get to experience what southern New Mexico has to offer.

Actress Kate Bosworth, known for her roles in “Blue Crush” and “21,” was in Las Cruces in late 2021 filming “The Locksmith.” The new film stars Bosworth alongside Ryan Phillipe and Ving Rhames with Nicolas Harvard directing.

According to IMDb, the story follows a thief recently released from prison who is trying to reintegrate himself into the lives of his daughter and ex-fiancé, but he is forced to use his locksmithing skills once again.

While in town, Bosworth took in the sights around Las Cruces and Mesilla. She posted photos from her time in the area on Instagram just before Christmas, writing:

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“That’s a wrap on #locksmith 🎉 last job before the holidays 🙂 Thanks for having us Las Cruces, you crazy-unique-desert-vortex! 👀✨ whole lotttttta energy in this place… what would we do without the brilliant gals at B-Well for keepin’ our hearts, minds & bodies healthy (if you are in the area GO GO GO!) … we love you so much!!! 🙏🏻💧💛”

One place that caught her attention was B-Well Regenerative Medicine & Wellness Clinic in Mesilla. She gave them a shoutout on social media, encouraging people to visit their clinic, the Las Cruces Sun-News reported.

B-Well was started by Chelsie Carter and Sheila Bardwell, both registered nurses who spent many years working in area hospitals. They opened on Telshor Boulevard in September 2020 and later moved to Mesilla across from the Fountain Theatre.

Bardwell explained that while working in the hospitals, they were required to treat patient’s symptoms which led to multiple prescribed medications. Alternatively, at their clinic they treat clients from a holistic point of view. For example, if someone has high blood pressure, they question the root cause of the inflammation.

“We start treating from the cellular level and then we start taking you off (pharmaceutical medications),” Bardwell said.

The clinic offers a wellness consultation, nutrient injections, hormone replacement therapy and intravenous vitamin infusions as well as aesthetic services including Botox, micro needling and dermal fillers.

One of their most popular services is IV Vitamin Infusions. They have an IV lounge set up in their space for those with appointment as well as walk-ins. Bosworth was one such person who stumbled upon the clinic, but not the only person associated with film sets that they have welcomed.

B-Well has even been asked to go on set to give evening crew members shots to help maintain energy through the late hours.

Bosworth also posted photos of herself at the Las Cruces Dam, TruArt of the Earth, Double Eagle and Rincón de Mesilla. Her co-star, Phillipe, also photos of himself on Instagram enjoying White Sands National Park while he was in the area filming.

Two new movies are filming in Las Cruces currently — “Squealer” and “Bad Hombres” — featuring Tyrese Gibson, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Thomas Jane and others.

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