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Meko Clinic transforms beauty treatments into a luxury experience

Meko Clinic transforms beauty treatments into a luxury experience


Meko Clinic has long been a household name in the Thai beauty scene. Founded over 30 years ago, the name Meko is synonymous with top-of-the-class cosmetic surgeons women all over the country remember by name.

Excelling in both plastic surgery and skin aesthetics, the beauty establishment has won all the beauty industry awards given in this country.

meko clinic sirinya bishop
Sirinya “Cindy” Bishop

With skills and expertise of its doctors already being known to be Meko’s indisputable strength, the brand has set a new goal in making beauty services a lot more than just getting yourself beautified. Introduced at its newly-renovated CentralWorld branch is a luxurious space and exclusive services designed to make your day at a beauty clinic a little more extraordinary.

Joining Prestige Thailand in discovering what Meko Clinic has to offer is none other than supermodel Sirinya “Cindy” Bishop — who takes the role of a guest host for our Prestige Perspective programme. Here, she takes the tour around the space, showing a close-up look of the details Meko has put into each and every corner: from the elegant, marble floor and ceiling with a rose gold metallic touch to a small corner to enjoy tea and coffee, as well as lockers where you can store your shopping bags and belongings. At Meko, every little detail matters when it comes to elevating the experience.

meko clinic

As Cindy brings the journey to the consultation session, Meko unveils an ultimate beauty experience specially designed for its new exclusive VVIP room — Ulthera Signature. A curation of special services designed to alleviate the pain people usually experience while undergoing the lifting treatment, Ulthera Signature is a combination of Western treatments scientifically proven to reduce swelling, discomfort and pain with Eastern, alternative treatments combined into the programme to boost its efficiency.

Starting with the first crucial step that is anesthetic application. For Ulthera Signature, the anesthetic is gently massaged onto the face and wrap under the  soft, custom sheet mask, instead of the usual plastic wrap, to help it absorb into the skin better. During the wait time, customer will be given a massage to relieve stress and soften tight muscles. The relaxation of mind and body is believed to improve the body’s ability to endure pain.

The prep step might be important, but Meko puts extra care to what follows the treatment. Ulthera Signature is comprised of 3 key post-treatment services, all designed to enhance the efficiency of the treatment and reduce the pain. Starting with a Mesotherapy using Vitamin C to boost collagen production, which helps amplify the lifting effect of Ulthera, the next step is a facial massage using stem cells from red deer to reduce swelling. Next, there is an aromatherapy massage which does not only help customer relax, but also target muscles that usually get tightened during the treatment.

As cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments have become accessible to many people in the country, we’re faced with difficult decisions as to what makes one different from another. At Meko, experience is all that matters. The equipments may be available for everyone, but at Meko, the skills of doctors combined with the extra attention put into each and every step has made an ordinary, but painful beauty treatment an extraordinary, almost pain-free beauty experience.

Discover more about Meko Clinic at mekoclinic.com


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