Megan Fox is questioned for deforming her face by so much botox


Hollywood actress and model Megan Fox is questioned for deforming her face by so much botoxand it is that in his recent publications on social networks he has been criticized for losing his natural beauty.

Megan Denise Fox has shared images about the details of her inspiring Bratz outfit, of course majestic she shines like a star, however she has been asked why insists on looking more like Kim Kardashian every day.

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The Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress wears a most elegant suit in oversize style and a pretty phenomenal print, underneath she only wears a most revealing top, sandal-type sneakers and her long black hair in waves.

What stands out most in the image of Megan Fox, who has turned 35 years old in May 2021 in the orange bag that makes the perfect contrast with the printed suit, is a Bratz bow bag.

However, some netizens don’t care what Megan Fox wears, because they have rushed against the future wife of rapper Machine Gun Kelly to tell her that the cat’s hand with botox has already passed.

Of course, Megan Fox is also showered with compliments, “Beautiful, queen, I love you” and many more similar phrases fill the comment box, although texts such as “Are you Mgean Fox?” are also seen.

Megan Fox is questioned for deforming her face by so much botox. Photo: Special

The american model don’t take them personal commentsbecause she has never answered the insults that are left on her social networks, she is happy with everything she has achieved.

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He has also not talked about the use of botox or other technologies to make body modificationswhat it does seem is that it looks a bit different, although we well know that the make-up can do wonders with us.

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Be that as it may, Megan Fox looks the most spectacular, perhaps the years will take their toll on the various modifications, but by then there will surely be many more embellishment techniques.

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