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Martha Kalifatidis Skin Care Routine

Martha Kalifatidis Skin Care Routine


“My morning skin care routine is much more pared back and my P.M. regimen is quite extensive,” Kalifatidis shared. I like to spend time steaming and oil cleansing at night; I look forward to it, it’s pure bliss! I like to prep my skin for all the actives I’ll be applying, like AHAs and retinol. Retinol is an ingredient that will catapult you towards your skin goals.

[The] retinol does all the work so in the morning I keep it simple with a gentle cleanse then either a vitamin C serum or a niacinamide serum under my sunscreen… you can do one better, the Olay Vitamin C + Niacinamide Super Serum has both ingredients!”

Adding glow in before base is super important to her, too. “Skin care prep is more important than the makeup itself; you can’t fake a healthy glow. From someone who has done thousands of makeup applications on thousands of different skin types of all ages, skin prep not only makes your makeup last better but it creates a beautiful base for the makeup, which you can’t fake with a highlighter.”


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